Sept. 5, 2021

You say you love Jesus but dancin’ with the devilYou going against the truththinkin’ you a rebelI thought when you said you was a believerthat you believed in the truthbut apparently you believe in the lies spoke from the pulpitto the congregationyall come together to hear the gossip not the gospelGod is a afterthought whenContinue reading “Sept. 5, 2021”

Our Daily Bread -Aug. 8, 2021

I find it to be extremely important to not seek self-righteousness. I grew up in the church where we learn to act righteous, dress righteous, all for the sake of seeming righteous. This is a lie. God is not pleased with our social performance. We humble ourselves before people but hold pride and arrogance againstContinue reading “Our Daily Bread -Aug. 8, 2021”

John the Baptist & Christ Jesus of Nazareth

We are going to look at the connects and hidden meaning of John and Jesus interaction. For a better understanding of the scriptures John 1:27“This is he who comes after me and he was preferred in honor before me; he whose sandal strap I am unworthy to loose.” Why did John say he was unworthyContinue reading “John the Baptist & Christ Jesus of Nazareth”

Jul 28, 2021 – Matthew 5:29/ “Stumble”/ 1 Peter

“But if your right eye causes you to “stumble”, pluck it out and cast from you, for it is good to you that one of your members may perish, and not your whole body be cast into Gehenna.“ The “right eye” represent the right side of the mind, which is our creative mind. So, theContinue reading “Jul 28, 2021 – Matthew 5:29/ “Stumble”/ 1 Peter”

The Testimony of Truth (verse-by-verse)

I will speak to those who know to hear not with the ears of the body but with the ears of the mind. The Truth is discovered & revealed within ourselves. Our mind listen to our thought, the mind is the heaven of the head, the thoughts are like angels, you are the God whoContinue reading “The Testimony of Truth (verse-by-verse)”