Sept. 5, 2021

You say you love Jesus but dancin’ with the devilYou going against the truththinkin’ you a rebelI thought when you said you was a believerthat you believed in the truthbut apparently you believe in the lies spoke from the pulpitto the congregationyall come together to hear the gossip not the gospelGod is a afterthought whenContinue reading “Sept. 5, 2021”

Our Daily Bread -Aug. 8, 2021

I find it to be extremely important to not seek self-righteousness. I grew up in the church where we learn to act righteous, dress righteous, all for the sake of seeming righteous. This is a lie. God is not pleased with our social performance. We humble ourselves before people but hold pride and arrogance againstContinue reading “Our Daily Bread -Aug. 8, 2021”