“David” Our daily bread 🍞 – Aug. 7, 2021

Faith always triumph over fear David is the shepherd who became King. Because of his faithfulness as overseer/protector over his father’s flock, He prove himself faithful in battle against the Philistines. God chosen David before he proved himself to the Israelite army. The stone David used is the Word of God. The sling is theContinue reading ““David” Our daily bread 🍞 – Aug. 7, 2021″

David the First king, Jesus the Last king

David was the first king chosen by God Christ was the last king chosen by God and his reign shall be forever. David was a son of Jesse. Jesse means “The Lord exist“ One of the most complicated quotes Christ gave, was to the Pharisees when he said: “Why is it said that the MessiahContinue reading “David the First king, Jesus the Last king”