Nov. 9, 2021

Abuse is not loved.

Not every person who abuses you, loves you and not every person who loves you will abuse you.

Tolerance isn’t love, Tolerance leads to indifference and indifferent is the opposite of love.

We are expected to make our mistakes outside the church then present ourselves as if we are perfect.

So we can gain the praise and attention that we don’t deserve.

I could play perfect but I must ask myself is it worth it.

Those who judge me, don’t have a have a heaven or a hell to put me in.

The devil almost had me.

The devil almost ensnared but God.

If you have to lie to survive then your time will eventually be cut short.

When a man gives its different.

When a man loves, it’s different.

When a man sacrifice, it’s different.

Men are expected to love more.

Give more.

Sacrifice more.

Because if you don’t, you’re useless.

I try to lead by an example but if my actions don’t reflect my words.

If my actions don’t speak love, then my words means nothing.

People rather take comfort in a lie than to deal with the truth.

The truth is that none of us is perfect, but some would rather you pretend to be.

The truth is that, there is no wrong that exist in me that don’t exist in you.

The truth is that you’ll never be free if you are living a lie.

Actions speak louder than words.

Nov. 8, 2021

People come to church to gossip not to hear the gospel.

I care more about saving souls than to save face.

How long will you keep lying against your own soul?

Your lies won’t protect you against God’s truth.

Drunk off of the cares of this world, we becomes slaves to lust, envy, and greed.

Despite the fact that we was born free. Born to be free, bound to be enslaved.

They changed our names so we forget who we are.

From the dust you come, unto the dust you shall return.

From the streets you come, unto the streets you shall return.

Ain’t no truth in you, the devil can have his way with you but God can’t get nothing.

God made you clean and you went back to the dirt. When God gets threw with you he’ll send you back to the earth.

Choosing to follow God is a blessing and a curse.

I stand by my truth so you can’t use my truth against me.

I have no fear as long as God is with me.

I know I’m not the only one going through this, my situation just happened to be public.

So many people are fight the same battle on a different field.

Eventually the truth will come to the light and vindicated those whose been wrongly convicted.

If you would have read the Bible you would have known it was apart of the devil’s mission.

False accusations, persecution, confusion.

You play with fire eventually you’ll get burn, some are bound to go to hell, because they’ll never learn.

You didn’t learn your lesson if you still trying to defend your actions, you won’t change your ways you’ll change how you can get caught.

When it pertains to me yall want to handle it in the open, when it comes to yall, private conversations will be spoken.

If we ain’t healing then we are only concealing, pain behind a smile, selling a lie.

Your still hurt your still broken, I can see it in your eyes.

You can get high, drunk and fade but eventually you’ll have to face the truth.

Realize the person you was running from the whole time was you.

You are the root of all your problems.

I’ve accepted me for who I am, the good, bad and the ugly the things about me that I cannot stand.

You cannot love yourself and keep the real you in darkness. A flower can only grow in the light. The real you can only grow when you bring it to the light.

When you do the real you will shine so bright.

You can’t be giving fake love and expect real love in return.

You’ll never be safe living a lie.

Find hope living with pride.

When you not living right please refrain from judging me.

Every relationship outside of marriage is shameful.

How can man make a honorable woman out of dishonorable harlot?

How can you expect a man to protect you, when you constantly neglect to?

You dealing with sexual trauma, just like your momma, you think that your different because you not a baby momma.

Eventually every lie will die and every truth will come to light.

You hope that, that lie will eventually become the truth. But instead of it destroying me, it destroyed you.

People are watching, people are listening, the church needs guides. I’m not no Martin Luther King, I am more like Malcom X, sometimes imma choose violence.

Not by actions but in my slience.

If you dislike me most times I wouldn’t care but if you disrespect me, I will.

Everybody is sinning against their own soul, so you truly aren’t against me but against God.

If you love God you’ll love me also.

Doing things without a man should be a last option not a first. I can walk away from a woman, but I struggle to walk away from my church which I was destined to be apart of since my birth… When God rejects someone it’s for a reason, If I reject someone they feelings might get hurt, but if God rejects you, then not just your flesh that will perish, but also your soul. My mission has always been about salvation, saving souls.

People Judging me while they do their dirt behind closed doors. Excuse me, does that make you anymore righteousness? This time I choose peace, next time I will choose violence, not by my words or actions but by my silence.

Lies won’t protect you
The devil will eventually neglect you.
The church cannot save you
If them demons has already claimed you.
People will defame you
If your truth can’t be used against you.
I don’t expect people to change
But I do expect to change how I deal with people.

I’m not going to play musical chairs with you if you don’t want to be in the same spot.
Keep playing games, but next time, just don’t get caught.

You not really scared of me, you are scared of yourself. Your are so used to, lying to get your way, you feel like the truth can’t help.

I want to encourage young people to don’t lose hope. Some people have accepted their fate, but you are too young to be bitter.

There’s is no evil that you could see in me that don’t exist in you.

Good Morning.

Nov. 7, 2021

God truly is my greatest advocate.

Trauma victims become common victims when people refuse to speak up.

Don’t let people who didn’t make you, tear you down. Remember, Those who love, don’t judge, and those who judge don’t love. Love doesn’t Judge. I refuse to be traumatized by people who are unqualified to judge me with no authority.

When you’ve done all that you can, then just stand. When people feel like they gotta tear you down in order to build you up…

No one can justify victimizing others, because they was victimized.

I understand why my father is always angry..

Those who live a lie, will never truly have peace.

Compassion, Grace and Truth.

Faith untested/unchallenged is dead!

Instead of criticizing those who came before me, I rather set a better example for those who come after me. If everyone is selfish, nobody wins. In marriages that are selfish, the children suffer. In a church that is selfish, the members suffer.

I walked hard for what I got, never got a handout.

Oct. 30, 2021

Nobody is saved off of their own righteousness. We are all saved by grace through faith.

I’m married to the church. The church is my wife. Everything a wife expects from a husband, I desire to give unto the Church.

Understanding builds compassion if your understanding doesn’t lead you to compassion then you lack true understanding.

The virtue of God is in giving not receiving.

I would never do something in the church unless it serves a greater purpose. Tell ya neighbor “It’s not about you!”

I don’t hate my enemies because at least I know where they stand.

The church has morally failed alot of folks.

I can see the depth of your trauma by how much indifference you show.

The true heros never get the credit they deserve

Those who criticize don’t empathize, those who don’t empathize lacks understanding.

Oct. 29, 2021

JESUS broke traditions in his time and I plan on breaking them in my time.

These boundaries that religious and traditions built up must be torn down. For man it is self-destruction, for God it is reconstruction.

Just because someone doesn’t pretend everything is normal, don’t mean that they’re in a bad place, it just means they are trying to get to a better place.

If you are too prideful to give then I am too selfish to give.