All things serve me Sept. 19, 2019

All things serve me

My fortunes

My misfortunes

The problem

The solution

Things unseen

and seen

All things serve me

I make myself know to all things

and all things make itself know to me

I realize that the broadway is a heavily trotted path

and many have been led astray.

I have nothing but gratitude


because all things serve me

If I limited myself to my flesh

pain is my enemy

pleasure is my friend

but truly pain is my teacher and my friend

pleasure of the flesh is of my enemy and my adversary

All things serve me

Nothing can resist me

Because I hold on to nothing

therefore nothing can be stolen

And if one ask “where are your possessions?”

I’ll say “In heaven, where no man can reach it”

A man can throw a ball further than he can place it

So I cast my cares beyond my capacity to reach it

Like a net that is spread wide to catch all that it can

I spread my hands wide

allow myself to be all that comes to me

Allowing my self to suffer and die

so that I may become like that which has consumed me

for the end is no end at all

but a reunion to the beginning

let my body be off nourishment to those than hunger

and my blood for those that thirst


God is Good

God is Great

Let us thank him

for what’s on my plate

I am nothing without God

With God I am.

– Jon Nothing

All I ask is that you pray

Not to quench the fire

but the fire may purify

that which is unclean

and yet not burn you

When God brings you unto himself

he will draw you away from the fire

but closer to it

God loves broken men

Like a potter loves a broken vase

Like a clocksmith loves a broken clock

Like a musician loves a broken instrument

God loves makes use whole

but when a doctor operations on a patient

one of the things the doctor needs the most from the patient

is patience.

The more we try to fix things ourselves

the more repairs God is going to have do on us

but if we are patient and faithful

God will delivers and make us whole

and we will no longer suffer with the things of this world

for we have been fully delivered and set free

in Jesus mighty name.


When a bacteria enters the body the good parts of you works to fight off the bad. If the good parts stop fighting, the body become sick.

Some people have became sick from not fighting the bad parts within themselves.

We are all enduring some type of inner war and if you are still here you have won many battles, I pray you keep fighting.

A man looking for God

A man that is determined to find God.

A man that is in search for God.

A man that is willing to die to find God.

Will God help this man find him?

Or will he die in the wilderness like the rest?

This is a story about a man who is looking for God, his true father. A child that has been deprived from their father will begin longing for him. In the middle of the night the child heart is burdened with the question,”Where is my father?”. The child seek an answer everyday. Child believes that one day he will see his father and they shall meet, but the child questions, where, when and how. Throughout the night theirs deep contemplation of how can I find him.

The man gathers what he can and ventures out to find his beloved father. Even though the man has aged in years to where having a father may not carry as much of an impact on his life compared to when he was a boy, the man is still determined to find his father.

When the man share is story with others, there’s glee and joy as he exclaims, “He’s alive I know he is alive!” Some see how old the man is and laugh at him, saying “Your father is dead and a man your age is not too far behind.”

When they heard he was going into forest and to cross a great river, that beginning to joke and laugh saying “Maybe his dad is a baboon” another said, “Or a great whale”. One who was lived in the town all his life said to the man, “No one lives out there, why would you even risk your life?”

Not all criticized the man, some made bets that the man will come out alive. Others made use of his belongings that he left behind. Some new of the man and wanted to discourage him for ever going, it was all no use. The man set his heart on find his father and nothing was going to stop him.

The man begin tell others about how he had a dream, that his father was alive and ever since that dream. He could not stop think about his father. The man recall sitting next to a tree feeling the wind blowing towards the forest a voice from within the man told him “to follow the wind and the sky, for the stars shall guide you and the wind assist you”

When the man began walking began walking toward the forest he heard a great howl, one of the man yelled “maybe that’s your dad!” The man paid no attention and kept walking. As he reached the thick of the forest he began to slow lose his scene of direction. There was rows and rows of tree with no seen possible end, in every direction it looked the same.

The man looked up and saw the sun descending and began to make ready for the night. The man began to work on a fire but the leaves and the twigs were too damp. The night began to arrive and the man began to grow cold.

Alone he prayed for direction because he didn’t know where he was and realize how under prepared he was for this adventure.

With the limited resources he had he made himself dinner and prepared a modest tent for the night. As he was lying down on his side, he turned to his backed looked up at the stars and marveled. As he saw the stars he studied it so that he would become lost, making up names for different regions.

The man couldn’t sleep much at all, hearing all the different creatures amongst him kept him awake and the lack of fire to keep him warm throughout the night made it difficult. Nevertheless he awoke and rose and went to venture on toward the river.

As the man was walking he saw an area where the trees stopped, believe it was to the river he began to walk toward that way, but he notice there was not signs of water and began to realized he reached a road that was well worn. He began to follow the road when he discovered that it was in leading him in circles.


September 5, 2019

The problem wasn’t what I feared but it was fear itself. If I can overcome the fear the problem will resolve its self.

We many not realize how much of our problems are entrenched in us.

How doing some household cleaning, can bring about solutions.

Everything seeks it’s self

How hate cannot resolve conflict

For conflict reside in hate

But in perfect love there is no conflict

A analogy I like to use is:

You can’t pick up the box while standing in it. But if you step outside the box you can pick it up.

LOVE didn’t need me, but I surely need it.

September 2, 2019

The antelope on tries to fight the lion only when it’s in the lion’s possession

When a person shows aggression

That means that they are in your possession

It’s only a matter of wrestle with that person and subdued them, you’ll have power over them.

Where there is fear, anger is not far away.

When someone has no anger towards you, you can’t possess them.

Only those who live in the wild have a need for aggression as protection

If ones lives in anger they can never be a peace with themselves because they are at war with the world.

When one makes peace with himself, the world will serve him and he will rule over it.

People believe that if they win the war with others, then they’ll have peace within.


When you win the war with self then and only then you’ll have peace.