January 11, 2022

I gained God’s favor thru unfavorable situations. Don’t flee from adversity, for God said adversity will come, don’t despise those who persecute you for he said persecution will come. Instead, flee from sin, flee from wickedness, flee from the devil’s temptations and cleave to what’s right and holy.

Some people might not appreciate the sacrifices you make for them, that’s fine. Neither have they appreciated the sacrifice God made for them and in all their ways they disobey and rebel against God, seeking his image but denying his identity/power (There’s power in God’s word, there’s power in living holy, there’s power in speaking God’s word, but the wicked will have you to believe there’s no power in it, for they don’t live it), they speak and have no knowledge, condemn and have no salvation for themselves.

They live in fear and confusion, God is not the author of confusion but has given us a sound mind. The ground they walk is constantly unstable and all that they establish upon it, shall come to ruin but those us who establish ourselves on God’s word shall endure, from everlasting to everlasting

People will hate you and turn against you but better it is to be hated of the world than to be hated by God. No man has a hell or a heaven to put you in, no man can deliver you from God’s wrath and punishment. It’s a small sacrifice on this walk of faith. Ye, even to lose your life to follow him, is a small sacrifice, because it’s better to lose your life than to lose your soul.

A lot of folks are living off of borrowed time, taking what doesn’t belong to them and giving unto another as if it was theirs. Truly truly, no man can lend you salvation, it comes from God, you have to seek it from him yourself. No man can attest to the father for you but Christ Jesus.

Better it is to lose the world and gain Christ than to lose your soul to gain the richness of this world. Ye, you are in poverty and calamity awaits you.

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