January 10, 2022 pt .2

People can convince themselves of their own actions, but can you convince God?

People always look for a ways to justify doing evil instead of doing what’s right regardless of what someone else does.

If someone can cause you to sin, then you’re already doom.

Any a man that hides behind a lie, a lie will destroy him. Or hides behind a deception, a deception will destroy him. A lie has no loyalty to no one, but the truth is faithful to all those who stand on it and confess it.

Above all things, seek God. For he is faithful to all those who seek him.

Deny anything that is not like God, for those who reject the truth will be rejected of the truth. For every man shall have his day. Every denier shall be denied.

All those who confess Christ before men, Christ shall speak well of you to the father. He knows all those whom are his and aren’t by their fruits. For in abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and through the belief and the confession of Christ a soul shall be saved.

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