Nov. 18, 2021

Ignorance is my enemy

I love you more than the air I breathe
More than a good night's sleep
more than a desirable dream
more than my self-esteem

But its not mutual
I still reminise about the things we used to do
life's not good when it's missing you

I realize what’s missing from the world is compassion

those who will do the right thing without asking

fear is what leads to situations being tragic

Once it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s like magic.

I no longer see the spark in your eyes.

It caught me by surprise,

your smile lifts me up, like a sunrise.

It’s not just what you fail to see, it’s what you fail to believe.

God gave me 2nd chances as if it was my right, like the second amendment.

I put my purpose over everything, my peace over anyone, my potential over any opinion. Never judge a flower before it blossom, a person based off of gossip. Be conscious of the one who conned us, even the devil can seem humble. People’s conduct only reflects how they was condition to behave not who they really are, eventually they will let the real them breathe.
God cannot decieve you.

I love you. Those who judge, don’t love, those who love, don’t judge. Just listen and remove those preconceived notions. The world don’t need to know, what God has concealed and only unto you he has revealed.

God revealed himself once and you didn’t believe, when he reveals himself again, you won’t be able to deny him.

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