Nov. 14, 2021

I need to be in a environment where I have grace.

I can’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes.

I struggle to identify the church as that environment. The levels of hypocrisy in the church is obscene. How can people grow and become better individuals in a place that lacks truth?

I see people talk more about gossip than the gospel and that’s concerning because that’s what’s taking place on the surface.

The youth needs something better to believe in than a lie. If I was a liar, I would be well received, but since I tell the truth, I am despise. Truly misunderstood. By family and “friends” alike.

I see so much fear in a environment that’s supposed to be faith-based.

People are so busy trying to convince other people their a good person, instead of actually being a better person. People decieve themselves into believe that pretending to be a good person makes you one.

It’s the lives you’ve helped, the people you blessed. Helping others to know God through you. Knowing that God is the one who will repay you and bless you. Jesus says there’s no one good but God. Not everyone who seems good is truly good.

The Bible says love those who hate you, but it’s human nature to give others what they give you.

What every believer should know is that even while we was yet sinners, God loved us. No matter how bad we was, God was still good. Likewise we should be the same and be good to others regardless of how poorly they may treat us, because that’s who Christ was.

He was the one who died and made a sacrifice for us all. We could never repay him for. It was his love for us, not our love for him that made him do what he did.

God will use imperfect ppl to fulfill his perfect will.

If you got peace in your life then you are winning irregardless of your circumstances.

Strive to achieve something worth accomplishing and be willing to be uncomfortable to do so.

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