Nov. 7, 2021

God truly is my greatest advocate.

Trauma victims become common victims when people refuse to speak up.

Don’t let people who didn’t make you, tear you down. Remember, Those who love, don’t judge, and those who judge don’t love. Love doesn’t Judge. I refuse to be traumatized by people who are unqualified to judge me with no authority.

When you’ve done all that you can, then just stand. When people feel like they gotta tear you down in order to build you up…

No one can justify victimizing others, because they was victimized.

I understand why my father is always angry..

Those who live a lie, will never truly have peace.

Compassion, Grace and Truth.

Faith untested/unchallenged is dead!

Instead of criticizing those who came before me, I rather set a better example for those who come after me. If everyone is selfish, nobody wins. In marriages that are selfish, the children suffer. In a church that is selfish, the members suffer.

I walked hard for what I got, never got a handout.

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