Oct. 18, 2021

Just move in faith and God will handle the rest.

I am not a slave to my desires.

I claim victory over my flesh.

People will use that wore out excuse of “I did know!” just so they can remain indifferent.

The belief is that if we live in these social boxes then we are safe, but the truth is that we are never safe, we are constantly on stand-by for whatever “they” want to do with our lives.

If we somehow manage to climb out the social rathole of being in poverty or barely making it, what about the ones we love.

There’s nothing sustainable outside of truth.

God is true, love is true.

Everything outside of God will change.

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been wanting to stop working on Grubhub to focus back on my YouTube channel and writing more. Devoting myself to the things that actually matters to me and is creatively challenging and purpose oriented.

I also been wanting to move out my grandmother’s house so I can have the peace of mind of having my own space.

I’m not in a bad place in my life right now, I am just not fulfilled. I dislike not feeling that gave this day everything I could. I don’t want to feel like I’m just getting by.

Nobody and nothing can complete you like God can. You can spend your life looking for someone that was made for you or spend time with the one you was made for.

I know I need to be patient and wait on God’s timing for my life. It’s hard to know what this life would be like without and orientation to God.

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