Oct. 9, 2021

Jesus is the son of God
Jesus is the sun of God
Sun gives light
Light gives knowledge
Knowledge gives wisdom
Wisdom gives understanding
Understand gives love
Love is light.

Jesus is the knowledge of God made manifest.
To know Jesus is to know God.
He who knows God knows all things.
The oneness of God is to know God and to be known by God.
I much rather live a life that God can take pleasure in my ways, than to live for self and I take pleasure in my ways.

Better it is to sacrifice for God than to gain for self.

Serving self is the illusion of serving God.
One of the devil's greatest tricks is to decieve you into believing that serving yourself is the same as serving God.

The true reflection of God is in sacrifice and serving others.

Truly those who serve God is serving their best interest.

People can always justify what they do to themselves and others but can you convince God?

You cannot do it by using cunning words and slick talk, you can only do it by using his words or better yet "The Word" which is christ.

All talk is foolishness to God if it is not by God.
If I speak the word of God, I speak words of wisdom.

By Christ we can be forgive our sins.
By Christ we find salvation.
By Christ we find grace which leads to his Righteousness.
By Christ we find a hope for glory.
By Christ we find deliverance.

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