Sept. 29, 2021

I feel like I have a new sense of purpose. When I serve the youth.

I am considering getting a job where I can continually work with the youth, they are the life, they are the future.

A hope for a better tomorrow begins with creating a better today for them.

Serve how God serves, give how God gives, love how he loves, believe according to how faithful he is. He is very faithful therefore we should have a mighty and great faith.

Compassion isn’t tolerance for bad behavior, it is offering correction for it.

Correction, not my criticizing but reflecting the righteousness of God and them neglecting the bad behavior to also be righteous.

We who believe hold fast to the belief that God is worth it and it is our duty to offer that revelation to others as it was revealed unto us thru Jesus Christ.

I love the gym because its an social environment that you don’t have to socialize in. Perfect for me.

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