Sept. 26, 2021

Sometimes I feel like a cloud on a night sky.
No one truly notice me.
My thoughts are vain and often the same
Night after night
I awake to my thoughts
its like I am interrupting a conversation I am having with myself
All of it is vain
Visions of sin
causing me to sin again
The will of God
will never bend
The truth of God
Is the truth of all men
The burden of truth
is the weight of sin
watchers onlook
as the play being
writing slowly
as the pen descends
fear is the enemy
to those who are alive
the dead fear no one
no one fears the dead
the dying tree always bends
the will of God
buries the soul
what arises from the dirt
we will never know
but the heavens receives it
as children of God
Eventually the seed within
is revealed
Am I a convict?
Or is the is world missing a moral conscience?
Everyone is trying to figure out who to blame making comments.
While living in ignorance we envy them.
No is allowed to live in there truth.
With a fear of abandonment they abandon their morals.

God created space so that he could have the space to be all of who he is. God is not a God of fear but a God of Faith.

A man who is made complete by God lacks nothing. There are going to be plenty of pit stops to give up on your road to your purpose, don’t give up. Those are just milestones on your journey.

Don’t give up three feet from goal.

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