Sept. 21, 2021

All things are revealed before the sun. The good and the evil.

4And God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. 5God called the light “day,” and the darkness He called “night.”

Gen. 1:4-5

God separated “light” from “darkness” so that which found in darkness will not be seen when the light is present and what is found in darkness will not be no longer in the light.

In fear and ignorance, a lot of things that seems to be true is no longer true when the light which is the true knowledge is revealed. In the light, that which is not seen in darkness is revealed for what it truly is.

God gave the light and darkness names which shows he has power over them. Also the names was given so that he could identify them separated. Different names, different placements.

Let there be an expanse between the waters, to separate the waters from the waters.” 

Gen. 1:6

Everything originally was one, but God divided it. The man from the woman, the light from darkness, what’s above from what’s below. God choose to make it separate but truly it was originally one. He even intent for that which was separate to be one again.

Firstly, God spirit left him to be joined unto a man, eventually God’s spirit will be returned unto him and we shall be one in spirit with the father. Our walk will be perfect.

The woman was separated from the man, only to be rejoined unto him. This union is holy and righteous before God in the formation of marriage. That which was 1 becomes 2 and then becomes 1 again. This is an completion that is perfect to God and honors him.

Its far better to be one with God than a woman.

A man’s wife is his wisdom. The Bible describe wisdom as a woman, a consort of God.

When we ignore we live in ignorance.

Sensitivity is information.

The sensitivity of the body informs the mind and mind makes decisions based off the information that is received.

Wisdom is to have sensitivity to the will and word of God.

If we all are apart of the body of Christ, then we are all sensitive to the will and word of God because Christ fulfills the will and word of God thru his body.

We are the body of Christ, so the will is fulfilled through us. Christ is the head, which gives power and authority to the body.

We can think separated from truth, but we cannot manifest separate from truth. Nothing exist outside of truth. Only God exists. Everything that is divided from the truth only has the illusion of being real, outside of the illusion it doesn’t exist.

We have the illusion of purpose because of us making money. Truth is that man has no purpose separated from God nor does a woman have a purpose separated from a man. All of purpose can be fulfilled through one word ‘serve‘.

A man who loves God obeys him.

A woman who loves a man obeys him.

Through God’s love his will for us serves us.

God being the servant of all creation, made us with intention of giving in abundance, as much as we can receive.

One must be highly intentional when creating. You may have to anchor yourself down with every intention to create. Lock yourself in a room and obligate yourself to a plan towards your purpose.

Before you being your walk in life you must know where you are going, so that you can measure out the risks on whether it is or isn’t worth. Sometimes you’ll think it isn’t worth and if you endure till the end you’ll discover that it is.

Most of the time it is worth. God is always worth it.

Don’t let a slip up cause you to mistake being obedient and faithful to God as being not worth it. You might see others going there own way and you might believe you should go astray.

DON’T! remain on the straight and narrow path.

Submission to sin is death, Submission to the will of God is life.

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