Sept. 16, 2021

7:23AM I woke up nice and early went to the grocery store. I saw that their was more employees than customers, which was surreal because I am so use to being there when it was pack and many of the workers greeted me, no lines to checkout and it made me appreciate the mornings a lot more.

I wonder is the world better off without people, God did create the world initially people-less, even the birds of the air and the fish of the sea was made before man. I imagine the world being very peaceful before man was brought on it.

Will God have to destroy the world again for there to be truly Peace on Earth?

God was willing to destroy the world because of how much wickedness plagued the world, that the secret thoughts of man was all evil. God truly stop taking pleasure in this world, because man stop taking pleasure in him.

Jesus being perfect took pleasure in doing the will of God. He restore the original and righteous order of God taking pleasure in man and man in God. That’s the complete and perfect order of God.

God will preserve and resurrect that which is alive, but that which is dead, he will allow it to just be dead.

God word is life and it preserve those who are alive and resurrect those who receive it and obtain life.

As the mouth receives food for the life of the body, yielding words which is for the life of the spirit. When we receive the word of God in our hearts it will yield the words of life in our tongue. There will be a confession in the heart of everyone who is saved of the one who saved them and that is Christ Jesus our Lord and savior.

My creativity can make me more money than my conformity.

Nothing is truly nothing. Everything is something, even if you haven’t discovered it’s meaning.

We truly don’t know anything. Our presumptions is how we deal with the unknown. Laughter is poetry, the synchronizes of the inner and the outer. The inner being hidden, the outer being revealed.

Patience is a prophecy.

God is real and the devil is a liar from the beginning.

Love thrives in love. You must become what you wish to attract, Man becomes God and a woman healed becomes a man. A wounded man is a woman, a whole man is God.

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