Sept. 14, 2021

I need a higher incentive than just money, to do what I do.

I hired myself so that no one can fire me.

I have power and dominion over my flesh.

I can’t control the truth

People are going to eventually let the real them breathe, be mindful when they do. Don’t negate their real behavior by the belief in their “good” behavior. There’s a lot of evil people who may seem like a well rounded person.

Wicked women are never honest in their emotions, they use it as a tool.

Walking away is not taking an L. So many took an L by staying, the L was just delayed.

There’s power in prayer, there’s peace in God’s presence.

There’s Grace in Growth. There’s love in endurance.

My goal is to use all things God has given me to honor him.

I know nothing but I do know that God is worth it.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, but I imagine it’s tuff to rely on others. Sometimes men will give to a woman out of love and she gives back to preserve getting what she wants from that man.

Not to say the love is not there but it’s less than. Same way God’s love for us is greater than our love for him.

Women will either want to talk about it or cry about it, sometimes it’s both. Let her get out what she needs to get out and just move forward, if the desire is there. Hopefully you can allow her to be fully woman and she can allow you to be fully man. There’s no friction or conflict in role and space for them operate in.

Hopefully you can take turns being weak and strong. Needing each other to different compassites.

I am the cultivator.

Past, present, and future.

Kings don’t chase, they select.

There’s always a better way.

A woman’s emotions can change and will change, don’t let them change you. Be consistent, always! Its better to make her feel safe with consistency, than for you to change to make her feel good.

Ownership is the name of game.

You don’t want something exclusively that everyone else have inexpensively.

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