Sept. 10, 2021

I don’t believe a successful life involves being able to avoid conflict, but being able to handle it.

People will remember how well you treated them regardless of how poorly they treated you. That memory out last the emotions they felt in that moment.

You can dislike someone without disrespecting them. People who dislike each can still get along, just not the same way as everyone else, but disrespect there is no getting along. Disrespect must be handled/address before they can move on.

There’s so much vanity where’s the humanity

We was all trained to have company loyalty, even when it’s not in our best interest. That’s how we was trained. Believing that this corporation has our best interests if we serve there’s.

The truth is that we should serve our own best interests which is serving God and God’s people and believing that God will look out for us if we are faithful to him.

What does that look like being faithful to God?

In order for us to be faithful to God we have to forsake things and people to truly be devoted to God. It’s apart of our daily sacrifice to give up this world to gain God. We must not operate in fear when we face persecution which inevitably comes, but we must understand that we aren’t be persecuted for our own sakes but for the sake of Christ and it is him who they are truly persecuting.

We can pursue being right in the eyes of people or in the eyes of God. Our righteousness as believers to the world looks like sin and the sin of the world seems righteous to the world but truly it is sin to God.

We can concern ourselves like the world does with the way things seem or the way things actually are. God doesn’t regard the way things seem.

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