September 8, 2021

If God be for me then who can be against me.

If God be my anchor, then who can cause me to stray away.
Peace, love and kindness has been the motto since the very beginning. Everything comes into being because of God and is complete in him.

Stay faithful, remain humble, be devoted to God daily. He will get you thru any circumstances you are faced.

You got to be willing to be crazy to create new normals. At one point in time it was crazy to eat chicken eggs, drive a car, to wear clothes.

Just because you’re challenging people’s norms don’t mean you’re wrong, it means that your showing new ways of getting to what’s right.

Whose to say those who critize know better than you. Follow your heart and live by faith. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from accomplishing all the things that can be done by faith.

Fear, flee, follow

  • Fear God
  • Flee from sin
  • Follow Christ

Peace starts with you.

Prayer is an essential ingredient to those who have faith.

Love one another as Christ has loved the church and has given his life for the church.

I’m a social physiologist. I just enjoy studying people socially. Everything in life has to have an end goal/ purpose.

You never know what small kind gesture could make someone’s day. Just be kindness always, even to those who may be unkind, because every flower appreciates the rain, even the poisonous ones.

Peace to the gods on this earth.

God gave life to all things even your enemy, God sought fit for them to be, so let be, let them serve their purpose in your life and once they have, they will leave you.

Patience is a virtue, let God reveal all things in his perfect timing.

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