Sept. 5, 2021

You say you love Jesus 
but dancin' with the devil
You going against the truth
thinkin' you a rebel

I thought when you said you was a believer
that you believed in the truth
but apparently you believe in the lies spoke from the pulpit
to the congregation
yall come together to hear the gossip not the gospel
God is a afterthought when you living in sin
you thought God was weak, that if you cry he will bend
but aint the one that put you through the ish you been in

You can't see that you're your worst enemy,
calling my phone trying to mess up my energy
If you didn't want the smoke
you shouldn't have lit the fuse
Don't do nothing to me
that you wouldn't want done to you
that's how I'm done with you
I am better off without you.
I don't believe in break ups and makeups
you made your bed, now you can lie in
If you lie with them, you can lie to them.
You dead to me, that's why your attitude stank
But those who are alive, we live by Grace.

Everything looks up in the eyes of the fallen
the devil was cast out
came to this earth sowing mass doubt
you didn't believe so your as is out
By faith will the kingdom of God will be establish
You not doing what you did will be your last wish.

You saying im average but your personality is a catfish
smiling in my face but behind my back talking mad shet
Yeah, I bet you mad, bih.
You gotta lie to make me look bad,
Everything I said to you, I can stand by, so now you look sad.
Trying to use my truth against me, as if I am ashamed of it
I live in my truth I aint afraid of it.
We don't got the same weaknesses,
I do what I do, not for you but for all those who will witness this.

Don't do what you hate

Love and be who you are

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