Our Daily Bread -Aug. 8, 2021

I find it to be extremely important to not seek self-righteousness. I grew up in the church where we learn to act righteous, dress righteous, all for the sake of seeming righteous. This is a lie. God is not pleased with our social performance. We humble ourselves before people but hold pride and arrogance against God.

I struggle with the believe that if I seem righteous, God will judge me favorably. However, I discover time and time again that that’s simply not true. God loves the sinner, but he don’t love our sins. We can avoid committing acts of sin but still hold it in our hearts. We can avoid worshiping idols but still commit idolatry in our hearts. Jesus was never well received and liked by the most religious circles. he never could live up to there expectations of him. Jesus, the perfect lamb of GOD, could live up to the expectations of the Pharisees or the Jewish nation.

They expected a King like David and received a modest , humble, meek and lowly man. Who didn’t praise himself , wasn’t very war-like conquering messiah, he was mostly a servant. He came as a slave, not the tradition master/Lord over people, Christ had rulership over his body. He brought his mind and body in subjection to the will of God. This is the most powerful man of all, to rule over himself not others.

Christ didn’t fit the mold, he instead redefine the blueprint of what God wanted from all creation. The answer was so simple that most over looked it, but Christ being full of the spirit knew how to please God. He had holy communion with the father. God of all things, chose him. Do a father choose his son, no, he release virtue into a woman and the woman give birth to that virtue in the world.

Christ is that virtue, but what made him that virtue, wasn’t his physical stature, nor his wellness of speech, it was simply his obedience. Something we all can do to gain favor with God.

God was willing to bring us back from the dead, but it had to please him to do. Just like a parent can pay for a child’s toys, but it has to please the parent to show that child that favor. When the child is obedient, it will cause the parent to want to reward that child.

As I previously expressed, it is vital important, don’t seek your own righteousness. Don’t come before God believing that you’ll gain favor by your own righteousness. It’s only by the spirit, not by the flesh we can gain the righteousness of God.

One of the ways you can tell of you are operating in the righteousness of God, is asking yourself: Am I doing for my own sake, or for the Lord sake?

Apart of why God pour out his grace is so that we don’t have to obey in ignorance. We can take pleasure in obeying God as God takes pleasure in our obedience. The spirit takes pleasure in righteousness and it is by the spirit we can take pleasure in it to. Ask God, Ask the Holy spirit, to lead you, submit unto it. Humble yourself and God will exalt you, he will exalt your spirit. There will be days where you have joy beyond this world. Nothing in this world can compare to the fulfillment you get out of God.

When you lived a life serving sin, you was left empty. When you live a life serving God, you are left full and complete.

We are given two eyes, two hand, two legs and feet.

It is in the singleness of the eyes, that creates a vision and that vision is one.

It is when both hands works to together that it is the strongest and it is work is able to be complete.

The legs and feet working together to create a complete walk.

God made light and darkness, to work against each other for the sake of God.

Man and woman, together for the sake of good.

When the body is one, it is the strongest.

When the mind is one, it is the strongest.

When the heart is one, it is the strongest.

God is one, he is the strongest.

Nothing that is divided from God, endures.

When we come to God with our own righteousness, separate from Christ’s righteousness. We will be rejected because we rejected the righteousness of Christ, believing we can come to God on our own merit.

We all need the Grace of God, no not one is righteous. No one knows the father except Christ and the only way we can know the father, is thru Christ Jesus. It is so simple. Believe his word and you receive the free gift of God. If you receive God’s word you have received Christ.

Don’t deceive yourself to believe that because you don’t do certain things and you do others that God somehow will bless you more than others. For there’s no faith to do things by our own understanding . You can’t tempt God, believe if you do one thing, that can compel God to do something different. By our own righteousness, we all fall short and displease God.

I encourage you, believe in his word. Humble yourself, seek him daily, don’t allow your hope in Christ be quenched by adversity. Understand that God’s Grace is for our righteousness, we are already seal by the father, in our declaration of faith, not by lips, but in our hearts.

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