“David” Our daily bread 🍞 – Aug. 7, 2021

Faith always triumph over fear

David is the shepherd who became King.

Because of his faithfulness as overseer/protector over his father’s flock, He prove himself faithful in battle against the Philistines.

God chosen David before he proved himself to the Israelite army.

The stone David used is the Word of God.

The sling is the tongue

When we use the the word of God against evil, God will prevail and gain you victory against the enemy.

Every lie will perish against the truth of God.

Forty days Jesus was in the wilderness getting tempted by the devil.

Forty days Goliath was taunting the Israelite army.

Every lie the devil sown into the mind of Christ, he cut it off and rebuked it with the Word of God, he shown faithfulness.

In our weakness of the flesh, creates fear of the flesh, but if we live by the spirit by faith, we overcome every temptation of evil.

By faith the strongholds of evil will come down. God’s word will prevail.

David was among the Israelites but was overlooked, but David was just a boy. Jesus also was overlooked, because of how meek he was. He wasn’t this strong brash warrior, he was the lamb of God. Meek, lowly, and gentle. The spirit of God moved through him easy like a calm brook.

David defeat Goliath by crushing his head with one stone. Christ crushed the head of the snake with his heel. The snake symbolize wisdom, the wisdom of the world is based in fear and lust, but the wisdom of God is faith and obedience. CHRIST is that stone who crush the wisdom of the world, with his heel.

The heel is connected to the sole of our feet. Christ soul crushed the wisdom of the world. They thought once they crucified Christ, that he was done. However, Christ show himself to have power over death, his soul prevail and endured.

Death for many of us is that Goliath in our life, that we fear. Just as the children of Israel fear Goliath. But death is an enemy of God, just like Goliath.

When David went to face off against Goliath, they thought he would never return. Same is true with Christ when he died. His disciples thought that was the end of the ministry.

David gain Saul’s daughter as a bride, Christ gain the Church as his bride when he overcame the world.

God is an enemy to our flesh, those who live in fear is enslaved to it. God is always on the side of those who have faith, even above those who claim to know, love and fear him.

We are Children of God by our faith. By our faith we are adopted into God’s family and are the seed of Abraham, which inherit God’s promise.

Just a David toward a piece of Saul clothing, Potiphar wife torn a piece of Joseph clothing. The cloth is used a testament against the person.

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