“Names” – Our daily 🍞 📖 – Aug. 6, 2021

God created us to have dominion over his creation and our creation.

God gave Adam the rights to name all the animals so that he can have a role in all creation.

We was created by God out Father but named by our earthly father. Your name symbolize the role, title, position and authority.

Both John and Jesus was give a name from God before they was born.

Which means that their role, title, position and authority didn’t come from earth but from heaven.

As God’s children, shouldn’t we also have names that reflects our heavenly father. Considering that our identity is not of the world but of God.

Abram became Abraham. The only change was the addition an “H” which is the breath of God being added to his name. The breath is the life of the body and when God breathed in Adam he gave Adam a soul.

Everything Adam was composed of came from the earth, except his soul. God told Adam “From dust you came, unto dust you shall return.” If Adam soul came from God, wouldn’t also it return unto him.

Abraham being the father of faith, have a new breathe of life, a new life. That’s not by fear but by faith.

“The just shall live by faith”

Just as the breath is the life of the body, your faith is the giver of life for those who are in the body of Christ. You are apart of God’s body by faith. Your soul returns to the father not by fear/death but by faith/life. When your soul returns, you are one with the Father, just as a droplet of water is one with the ocean, when it rains.

We are the body of Christ, which is like a body of water that is lift up by air/spirit collected in the clouds/heaven and eventually returns back unto the earth/body.

Our souls have been lifted up by the Holy Spirit, unified unto God and has made a home is this earthly body. All life returns back unto it’s origins.

All life is sustained because it please the father, if it displeased the father it will be cut off.

The father of our souls.

It displeased the father for his soul to be connected to earth so he removed his son out of the garden, causing his son to toil with his body to sustain the life of the body. As for the life of the spirit, it can only come by faith.

Ye, when we walk by faith, we are walking with the Father. Abraham by faith, believing what God promised him had to be will to give up his own son, as God the Father would have to do. It wasn’t the act of killing his son that would pleased the father, it was the willingness to do so.

God isn’t pleased in our sufferings, but in our obedience unto him. Nor by our will, but his will.

Jacob name was changed to Israel when he wrestled with God. Ye, Adam was cursed by God to toil with the earth and Jacob toiled with God and prevailed, receiving an inheritance that could only come from God.

Jesus told some his disciples, “I will make you fishers of men” which means that instead of labor to bringing fish out of water, I’ll cause you labour to save souls bringing them out darkness which the ignorance of God unto the knowledge of him which is the light.

Fishes are born and dwell in a body of water(earth), when it is hooked (on the Gospel) it is brought out of the water to be brought into a new body (man/Christ).

Jonah was consumed by a big fish, because he was unwilling to go to Neveivah to call those people unto repentance. Jonah was cast out of the boat into the body of water (earth), Just as Jesus was brought unto Earth from heaven, the waters was calmed when Jonah entered the sea, just as the earth will have peace when Jesus return as King.

Jonah was in the big fish, which symbolize Christ being in the belly of the earth. The fish that saved/preserve Jonah life is the same fish that Jesus wants to save, being fishers of men.

When we preserve God in us, God will preserve us.

When Jonah was in the belly of the whale he lived in darkness, praying and fasting. He was seeking from God the same deliverance, that Neveivah needed, they live in ignorance of God which darkness, and when Jonah came he brought them into the light which is the knowledge of him, causing them to pray and repent.

In ignorance we all sin, Christ came so that we may not live in ignorance, but in knowledge of him. He said “If you seen me, you’ve seen the Father” when the people of Neveivah saw Jonah, it was like seeing Jesus, whose the savior of the world.

Jesus said “There will be no sign in the last days, except the sign of Jonah” which means the sign is not miracles and wonders but a message of repentance and turning back to God.

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