Fear vs Faith – Daily Bread- Aug 5, 2021

Fear filled faith, is corrupted faith. Faith based in fear is no faith at all.

When a man is righteous, the head is righteousness and if the head is righteous, then the whole body is righteous. If the head is corrupted then the whole body becomes corrupted.

The oneness of the body is obedience to the head. The one who sit on the throne above the head is above all, he casteth his back to no one.

God sit on the throne judging the good and the evil, he casteth his eyes not away from the ungodly but in his righteousness, he giveth his judgement. Ye, I tell you today, that many whom you have casted out, God has allowed to sit in high places, and those whom you have set on high has been cast asunder.

God’s Judgment is not our own, he knows the secret thoughts of man and has knowledge of the end of all things.

Faith is like a home, the works is like electricity. A home without electricity has no life. The bigger the home the more electricity it requires. You can’t have little works with great faith. We all can abide in faith, but it needs electricity which is the power of God working through is to fulfill it’s purpose.

Same is true with the body requiring light. The inner light and the outer light. The inner like comes from the son, the outer light comes from the sun which reveals all things by fire.

In the full knowledge of the truth, the lie has no power. In the present of the light, the lie has no glory. Amen. God is on the throne of Glories.

I think what’s better than not being wrong, is not being afraid to be wrong.

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