August 1, 2021 – Our daily bread

I feel as though when I preach the message of Christ in the church, I preach to a bunch of dead folks, who desire to know about a bunch of dead things.

I am considering changing my legal name to Jon Nothing. My legal first name is Jonathan, my last is Camper.

The only thing that changes is really my last name because Jon Nothing and Jonathan are enunciated the same.

Campers are those who live in the wilderness, when the children of Israel was brought out of captivity by the hand of God, they was campers in the wilderness, until they made it to the promise land. “The promise land” for me is the kingdom of God.

However, many of them and the first generation of Israel never made it to the promise land. They died in the wilderness.

If I die as a camper, I die in the wilderness. However, that name was given unto me as a son of my earthly father, surely if we are sons and daughters of our heavenly father, we shall receive new names. As Jacob and Abraham did.

Ye, I was a camper, now I removed my last name as circumcision unto God, that my life is now his. I am no longer indebted to former generations as my father and his father was. I am a free man.

My new last name, really is no last name at all. Nothing. My heaven father surely has no last name, because he has no end or beginning, no one to name him, give him an identity or title.

My first name is shorted to J.O.N – which stands for Jesus Of Nazareth, not to say I am the Messiah, but if I am apart of the body of Christ, then I can claim him as myself. For who am I separate from him? Apart from him I am dead but joined unto him I have eternal life.

When I was young, I heard my name being called as I rested like Samuel. When I awoken I saw no one, I was in the living room and when I looked up stairs, down stairs I saw no one. The difference between my story and Samuel was that I didn’t run to my father, thinking he was calling me, he didn’t live in the home at the time. I was living with my mother in my grandmother’s house at the time.

Sometimes having faith is not just being willing to act, but being willing to wait.

Good times bring us together but rough times brings us closer.

No man can shut what God has made open, no man can open what God has shut. God’s grace is still open, God’s mercy is still open, God’s love & kindness is still open. Hallelujah!

Flesh and blood endure for little while but Christ said my flesh and my blood will endure for all eternity.

God may allow the devil to have power over your body, but don’t let him win your soul.

God may the devil to have power over your thoughts but don’t let him win your soul.

God may allow the devil to have power over your job, but don’t let him win your soul.

God may allow the devil to have power over friends and family but don’t let him win your soul.

Your soul belongs to God and God alone. Don’t let the devil cause you to turn against your own soul.

Don’t let devil have victory over your soul.

If the devil wants to take your job away, let him.

If the devil wants to cause unforseen sickness to your body, let him.

If the devil want to cause you to lose friends and family, let him.

Don’t lose your soul for crumbs. Don’t lose your seat at the table to slumber & eat with dogs.

Your reward is in heaven not on earth

No man can rob you of it.

I gave up this life, knowing it was a lie

I gave up this world, knowing that the truth wasn’t in it.

But God has the final say, God is the one who will make a way.

Christ will return just like David did to the people of Israel. Christ is just hidding out, waiting till his hour come. When it comes, he will come with great power and victory. Cutting off all those who rejected him, just like David curcumsied all those philistines. Christ will circumcise the heart, which is this earth. The devil has already been cut off from the heavens which is the head. But Christ will come and cut off the devil from heart of God.

The devil is a lie, Christ is the truth. The lie may endure for a little while but the truth will last forever.

The devil has already claimed those who are his, Christ has already claimed those who are his. If you live for the body, the pit has already claimed you but if you live for the spirit of God, God has already claimed you as Children of the kingdom.

Christ has already proclaimed those who are his are not lost, but those who are lost are not his. For Christ has already came for the lost and if your have not been found, then it wasn’t meant for you to be found by him who was sent.

If you haven’t been caught up by God, then you shall perish. All those who has be lifted up, shall not die, but those who remain below in the tomb, shall find themselves in damnation. Christ came so that we may be lifted up, as he was.

If your work is in the dirt, your still in the grave.

If your hope for salvation is in money, your still in the grave.

If your mind is on carnal things, your still in the grave.

The spirit will lift you up out of your sins. Your sin will remain in the tomb.

You, your soul will be delivered.

Jesus didn’t come to save flesh and blood by to save souls.

He heal the body, so that you may believe.

He gave sight to the blind so that you may believe.

He preformed wonders and miracles so that you may believe.

If you don’t believe, all that work was for nothing, for you are already dead.

If you don’t believe, Christ die for nothing.

The bible says that every tongue will confess, but I tell you, that you ain’t saved unless your heart confess, your soul confess, your mind confess, that Jesus is Lord.

I became a fool so that I could gained wisdom, but when I gained the wisdom of God, I was seen as fool to the world. For the wisdom of God is foolish to the world and the wisdom of the world is foolish to God.

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