July 31, 2021

I know how to be righteous in the eyes of the world, like Paul was, I’ve already obtained that. I want to know how I can be righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

The righteousness of Christ comes only by the spirit, not by the flesh. Yet so many seek righteousness by the flesh and only deceive themselves, seeking vain glory.

Ye, I entered into this poverty, willfully and this darkness is great. The power of Sin is the ignorance of God, the power of salvation is the knowledge of him.

How the desire flees from me, returning only to deprive me of my reward, robbing of my wealth.

God never asked for man to be a slave, man became it willfully, and it it’s by the will of the Lord we can be set free.

Ye there is an overcomer who placed him over the world but they knew him not. They fear not the sun for it was too far away and passes at night.

How could we have compassion for one another if we have no knowledge? Ye many of us need grace and mercy, but have no knowledge so we perish.

The good things of the world has became evil to God, for even our flesh is an enemy against God.

How can the righteous walk in faith among you, without losing his reward. Ye, he must walk alone. If he walks alone, how will you know the ways of the Lord?

Are their any righteous among you, no! I see snakes in the pulpit, vipers collecting offerings, ye, your offerings is not made unto God but unto devils. The fool and his offering is accursed unto God.

God knows all the ways of man, and the end of man. GOD knows the eternal destination of the soul and the end there of. GOD knows the ways of man, and the thoughts of his heart. Ye, but few knows God, even fewer knows his ways, even fewer knows the heart of the Lord. only thru Christ is it possible to know the Lord and it’s through the spirit of the Lord we know Christ. For the same spirit that was in him, is in us and will raise us also from the dead.

Is God a liar, that he’ll promise us the world and give us nothing, or promise us bread and give us a stone? No, for all who believe will receive but those who falsely believe will receive nothing.

When I discovered Christ, all I want to do is share him with others. People would think I am trying to share my religion, when I am trying to share my realization.

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