John the Baptist & Christ Jesus of Nazareth

We are going to look at the connects and hidden meaning of John and Jesus interaction. For a better understanding of the scriptures

John 1:27“This is he who comes after me and he was preferred in honor before me; he whose sandal strap I am unworthy to loose.”

Why did John say he was unworthy to loosen Jesus sandals?

It’s such as strange thing to say, but I will explain what he meant.

John basically express that he was unworthy to offer Jesus rest. John came preaching the message of repentance, that we all rest from our works and obey God.

Jesus already being in the perfect obedience to God, could not be offered any rest from sin, because he have not sinned.

John in awe and acknowledgement of him being the perfect redeemer, confessed that the law which makes us all guilty, had no authority over Christ, Christ had authority over the law.

John lived separate from the world, at time relatively opposite of Christ. John taught his disciples to fast and pray and to be sober. Christ never taught his disciples to pray until they asked. He came eating and drinking being in communion and association with sinners.

John was fasting and praying, preaching the message of repentance until the return of Christ. This is what John was doing in the absent of Christ, this is also what Christ did in the absent of his father. This is also what we are encourage to do in the absent of Christ.

When Christ spoke of John, he a

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