Jul 26, 2021 – BookJames

…for a man to keep his soul without defilement from the world. (Before The Father) – James 1:27

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1 -7

James 2:5
  • Judge not other based off the merits of this world, but according to God’s righteousness.
  • Live in faith knowing God is not a judger of persons, lest you be deceived in your faith.
  • Do not despise the poor or look down on them, but have compassion for others.
  • Regard not a soul’s worldly possession or belongings in world, but all that’s of God.

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8 – 13

  • Show no partiality in Love.
  • Keep the whole Law in its entirety
  • Give mercy to others as God have with us.
  • Do not judge others nor yourself.
There is no Judgement for those who keeps the laws of God.

The fulfillment of God’s law is in us loving one another. We are judge by the law of God, but whoever judges you, are judging themselves and condemning themselves.

Which of those that judge you, created the laws of God, and which of them can deliver you from his condemnation? If the world condemns you, God can deliver you from their wrath, but if God condemns you, no man can set you free. For we are all prisoners set to face God’s wrath, drunk off the cares of this world we do little with what God has given us. Many are indebted to God and indifferent, they believe since he delay on collecting his debt that he cares little to what they owe to him, they seen him pour out his grace and mercy believing that he cares little about what they owe to him.

If we owe God nothing, we would have no need of his grace and mercy, for those who are indebted little, needs little, but those in much, needeth all the more. We don’t even realize how much we are indebted to God, how we could never repay him?

…keep his commandments as testimony of our love for him.

14 – 17

  • Our deeds is a testament of our faith.
  • Faith by itself isn’t complete, we must have works for it to be fulfilled.
  • Our faith is a muscle, that grows and is shown by our works.
Faith without work is like a seed in the ground that doesn’t grow, that seed is dead unless it works within the earth and it’s inner work is made manifest outwardly and pleases the one who sown it.
We are all seeds of the Lord that are sown in faith and made whole and complete by doing the work of the Lord.
God needs a return on his investment, he sow seeds of faith, that eventually become fruits of righteousness.

18 – 26

  • Our faith is the seed, the body is the soil, the spirit is what makes the seed of our faith grow.
  • The seed reflects the tree, the tree gives fruit, the fruit gives more seed.
  • We live by the spirit, that spirit is of Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith.
One of Jesus common criticisms of his disciples was their lack of faith, that’s what separated them from Christ. Christ being the one who accomplish all things in perfect faith.
The Lord knows us by our fruits.
The fruits of faith produce righteousness and if we are righteous as our heavenly father is righteous, we walk with him by faith and we shall be called ‘a friend of God’.

James 3

1 – 12

  • We are to control what we say to one another, knowing that our tongue can corrupt and cause destruction, so don’t give much lip service to one another, that we remain perfect and Christ.
  • The tongue is connect to the spirit, we are called to be one in spirit with Christ, if we are one in spirit with Christ, then we should also be one in matter of speech and behavior.
  • James teaches us in likeness to nature all of it is in one spirit to God, reflecting who God is, we being like God, created in God’s image and in his likeness we are made perfected, don’t use your tongue to corrupt something God made perfect for himself.

13 – 18

  • We are called to be meek, because we are servant of God. A servant who respect their master shows respect for all the things that are his, this world belongs to God and that’s in. Let us care ourselves like wise servant and refrain from evil out of respect and reverence for our master.

17But the wisdom that is from above is pure, filled with peace, meek and attentive, filled with love and good fruit, without division and does not show partiality. 18But the fruits of righteousness are sown in peace by those who make peace.

In the beginning was God order and in God’s order there was peace. Let us all seek out an ending of how it was in the beginning, no strife, no contention, no need for sacrifices, no war, no hate and no malice. Let’s rest in God’s perfect order and will for our lives. In his rest is the reward for all those who labor for him. If he gives us his labor, wouldn’t he also give us his rest. 6 days he labored and on the 7th he rest. Let us have peace being in perfect communion with the father.
The fruits of righteousness is peaceable not bitter, sweet to the soul.
Peace edifies the soul, let’s protect our peace by being one with the father and not divided within ourselves.

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