July 24, 2021 – The Book of Thomas the Contender


In light of what I feel to be one of the greatest modern studies for bible believers, the book of Thomas which is apart of the Nag Hammadi series of scripture. I always wanted to break down some of the hidden truths and meaning behind these forbidden books. We can see Jesus speaking openly and honestly as if he is speaking with a friend, these text to me is sacred and I do believe it is in the spirit of what Christ Jesus would have spoken.

Thomas name actually means twin and he is called the twin of Jesus but not by birth. In the bible Thomas was the one who doubted Christ return and wouldn’t believe until he saw and touched his wounds. This is very important because if Thomas being the twin of Christ would not believe until he saw him and touched his wounds, it can be said that Thomas seeing Christ was his way of knowing himself. It is as if Thomas forgot who he was and when he saw Christ after death, he knew himself. Christ told Thomas to touch his wounds and examine his body, it was as if Christ wanted Thomas to know he was as true as himself. And not just believe by faith but to know by his hands touch his body so that he could doubt no longer.

If we are a brother to Christ then we must know ourselves, just as he does. That’s what makes us suitable to be called brothers and sisters of Christ. For they who don’t know themselves don’t know Christ. Christ is in everyman, some he sleeps, some he is awakened. When we are aware of Christ within us and we are awaken as he is, we are a vessel for the Lord and a brother because we share the same father who knows all things. When we know him, we know all things, as he is known by all and knows all. He tells Thomas to likewise be ye knowers of yourselves, that’s how you how you have power over this dominion. Ignorance is slavery.

When we know Christ we know the truth and if we know the truth, we know that which will last. As the bible says‘ Heaven and Earth shall pass away but God’s word endureth forever’ Christ is The Word of God made manifest, first conceived in the mind of God and then produce with the tongue and produced from the mouth. Christ is the word of God coming directly from the source, Just like when we hear something from someone’s mouth, we can believe it based off the merit of that person. We believe Christ because he came directly from the mouth of God and in him is the truth of God and all creation.

When you know yourself, you in fact know all things for the whole universe is within you. All the wonders and the possibilities of God is within, ye it might be unfulfilled but never the less it is within you. So when you know yourself you know the least of things and greatest of things. This is why is important to spend time alone with God and he will reveal all things to you, in heaven and on earth. When mosses was on the mountain, God reveal that the people of Israel was serving idols and worshipping it, though Moses wasn’t there to see it, he knew it because of God’s revelation. Even in the book of Revelation, John being in prison, God revealed to him the things to come and that which will be here forever.

Christ speaks to how when we don’t know ourselves, we can’t know anything, all life is a reflection of God. When God looks into the world and he don’t see himself, he destroys it, for it is not him. He turns the evil we’ve known to nothing, it having no power. Truly, evil never had any power over the one who knows himself. When they tried to kill Jesus before his hour has come, they couldn’t find him, because they had no knowledge of self. God choose whom he may reveal his son to, when the sun is revealed we are in light and see all things revealed before us, but when Jesus is unknown and departed from us, we live in darkness.

“But if your eye shall be bad, your entire body will be darkness; if therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great will be your darkness!”

Jesus spoke in Matthew 6:23

The reason he said ‘how great is your darkness’ because when you are in darkness, you not only can’t see what’s around you, but even if you had a mirror before your face, you couldn’t see yourself, having no knowledge of self = living in darkness, you in fact don’t know anything. When you walk in darkness, you are bound to stumble. In the light you know what is actually there and what is not, when you living darkness you live in fear because you don’t know if something is true or not. To have the knowledge of Christ is have the light, that light is the truth, the true light, the light of the world.

When you walking in darkness / (Ignorance) you bump up against things that are there (that which is true). When you are living in darkness you are bound to go against the truth and when you do, you are going against Christ. Christ being the Sun of the world, when we are with him we are in the light for he is with us, but when he is away, we live in ignorance for we are in darkness. John was called the moon, the one who was on the earth giving light to the world, while sun being away. Christ said if you are the least in the kingdom of heaven you greater than John, which means that if you are in the kingdom of heaven you are like a star, providing light to the world, and the least star is greater than the moon. The sun is also a star and we are all in the sky (heaven) and shining like Christ is (in the heaven). The universe has been compared to an eye, if you look deeply into your eye you could see some tissue around the black hole that you see through and it looks like the galaxy. The nebula has be often called the eye of God, because of it’s shape. God is watching us all and we are all the apple of his eye and he never sleeps, constantly watching, seeking that which he sown into the world to come forth. In the garden of Gethsemane, Christ told his disciples to Watch and Pray, maybe that’s because that’s what he was doing with his father for us and we can do that for one another, while we are in this world, lest we fall asleep and enter into darkness.

When we have knowledge of self, we have achieved all things, and when we have achieved all things, we are allow to rest from our seeking and we can rest knowing we have accomplished all things through Christ and we need not enter back unto darkness.

I hear, I speak, I preform

The kingdom of God is first heard, after we hear, then we believe, after we believe it, we speak it, after we speak it, we know it, because it is manifested in us and we manifest it into the world and when we know it and we are known by it, then we can preform it, which is bringing the kingdom of God to earth.

Thomas asked Christ who is now resurrected to know about the hidden things, we know these hidden things are what God takes pleasure in as we can see in Matthew 11 and he revealed them to infants (which are those don’t know this world) and Christ reveals them to the Children of the kingdom of God (those who are not of this world). In the follow verse you’ll see that God The Father and The Son both are please about these truths being hidden and that’s why in the verse above Thomas calls these things difficult to understand, because it’s hidden before men, they are not awakened to the truth, they must die and in order from them to be awaken, this world is like a dream and when we wake up from this dream, we enter into God’s truth, the real-life. These acts that the apostles preform are called a miracle because it was hard to believe, not because it was impossible. When you are in a dream, all things are possible, but when you are awaken and alive, you know the depth of all things.

As it was in the beginning, when we knew not evil, or knew nothing at all, all we knew was God, that’s it. We are born again and we are infants, children of the Lord. When was born in this word we had the knowledge and wisdom of this world, when we are born again as children of the kingdom, we have the knowledge and wisdom of Christ, which is unable to be understood by the children of this world. Christ knows all that are his and which belongs to the father, we being children of God like Christ are inheritors to the kingdom. The first time God acknowledge Christ as his son, was after his baptism, that was his second birth, the symbolic resurrection , from death (depth) unto life (lift) we are lifted up when we are made alive, after baptism he then under went temptation, and was ministered unto and served by angels of God, he gain the reward and the gift God having communion with the father. Christ being the perfect son of God, he underwent all temptation as we had and when he overcame he had rulership and authority in heaven and on earth.

Christ is speaking our inability to ultimately be performers of God work, because we have not seen the works and replicated what Christ has done who perfected all things, do the perfect will of God. When we perform, we prefect and when we prefect we received those things God has reserved for himself. When something is obscure that means it cannot be identified and if we can’t identify the truth, how can we believe it if we hear it so that we ultimate become the truth. Though they can see in this world, they can’t identify Christ in it. Even if we hear the message of Christ and believe it’s difficult to preform the works of Christ just by hearing. That’s why it’s important that when we hear, believe, speak, we also preform the works of Christ so that others, believe. You can see that with Jesus disciples, that they preform the works Christ did also, so that others came believe and do the work of the Lord and when we do the work of the Lord we are called for God, not as Adam was who toil with the earth, but we work and toil with heaven things, laboring in the fields of the Lord. When you are an earthly apprentice and you haven’t preform the works of the lord, and you can’t receive the reward of the heavenly laborers. Us who are heavenly laborers, we know whom and what we labor for but you who are earthly labors don’t know what you work for, for your work is in vain and you labor for death.

Thomas desire to hear from the Lord so that he can be preform the deeds of truth that are hidden and be as Christ is, knowing all things.

This is where the interpretations may get lose because pieces are missing, but this portion message is still clear.

All bodies holds life, bodies are like a container for life and that which is within that container is what sustains it and when you sustain the things of this world you perish like the things of this world, but if you are sustain by the things of God, then you will be perfect and be complete.

The portion in blue, speaks to how, the beasts who are begotten as beast, can identify another beast and do what other beast do. Jesus is telling Thomas that the works of those who are from above can be identified and replicated likewise by those who are from above. The beast can’t identify nor replicate the works of above, for the works of above are perfect and the works of the beast is corrupted.

It’s important to understand that we can’t be perfect without God, for his perfect order comes from heaven. We are called by Christ to be perfect and we know it’s achievable because Christ was perfect being just like his Father in Heaven. Those who are from above are like Christ, perfect, holy and acceptable. We being like Christ and Christ being like the Father. Us being one in the body of Christ and Christ being one with the father, we are in perfect order and will remain.

Christ clear express that any form that changes, dies, but any creation that do not change, cannot die. Christ being like the Father, didn’t change, he remain in the perfect will of God. That’s why God’s path is straight, unwavering, unchanging. The life that is spoke of in the text above speaks of the truth life, the life that will endure for all eternity. A bestial body is compose of this world and when we have the body of Christ we will have an incorruptible body.

All the formations of this world are those that come from the same root which symbolize the beginning/inception and the fruits symbolize the end/results. All the things from the same root, has the same end. The fruits are that which sustains life. Jesus speaking to his disciples said ‘I have food you know not of’ that’s because his root is in heaven and his fruit is not of this world, but as he said ‘my food is to do the will of my father’. In this world we consume bodies similar to our own, to have corruptible life, we who consume the body of Christ, we have a incorruptible body, like Christ. The root of Christ is in the father and the fruits of Christ are the fruits of eternal life.

Christ understand how difficult to understand the heavenly things, when we who dwell on the earth live in darkness, which is ignorance, lacking the knowledge of truth which is Christ. When the light comes we will know what is true and what is false. Those who speak of things that are invisible, it is as if they are speak of things that aren’t real, but when Christ comes he will reveal every man there work. The heavenly laborers work towards an unknown/unseen goal, by the work. It can seem as though that our heavenly labor to the world is working for nothing, but truly, their work is in vain.

Thomas is expressing to Christ that these things that Christ teaches is hard to understand because it is not of this world. All the words and expression being used are for purposes for us to understand in our worldly understand, but in order to understand the things of God from heaven you have to forget or dismiss what we know to be true in this world. We have to have a faith that there is a deeper truth, a truer reality that is realer than what we know of in this world, a higher goal/treasure to be obtain than what we know in this world, all of which comes from heaven.

The way I interpret the following verse for a deeper meaning, is that if you don’t believe the things which are in you (in the earth, we are compose of the earth, coming from the earth) then how can you believe the things which are outside of you (things which are in heaven, outside of yourself) If we perfectly knew ourselves we could understand what Jesus is saying but since we are ignorant of ourselves (existing on earth) and the things outside ourselves (existing in heaven) we live in complete darkness. Until Christ came down from heaven unto earth, like a ray of light descending from the sun to earth. When the sun is revealed it reveals all things but when it is hidden, nothing is reveal for we all live in darkness.

The gospel of Thomas

The light is knowledge, Jesus is saying that it is in the knowledge of Christ that the knowledge of the truth exist. We can’t look for truth outside of Christ, there is none, we must look within Christ for truth, being diligent seekers for truth we will find and when we find the truth, we find life and that life is Christ. It’s all in him.

Thomas is speaking to the life/light of this world, that enters into darkness than comes out of darkness. Which can be easily identified with the sun which represent Christ. Thomas being taught as you have, wants to know why this life fades away and the truth of this world don’t last. Christ answers it in away that helps Thomas to understand that this life is temporary and we must treat it as such in way where we take off the old garment and put a new one on, exiting an old understand to enter into a new understand. So as the light changes we changing, but a time will come when the light will not leave us and will be with us forever. In the night we have to rely on the light within us and during the day we can rely on the one outside of us. The sun never changes, we change. That light within us (Christ) will not leave us, we may forsake him, but he will not forsake us.

The visible light is the truth of Christ in this world, but Christ came to this world to serves a purpose, that all that will know him and obtain his truth , but once that knowledge has been obtain, then you can leave this light and that same light would withdraw unto to its likeness, back unto the one he came from, The Father. Christ left the father and returns unto him the same exact way he left it, Christ entered the world with the knowledge of self, he came so that we obtain knowledge of self and not live in ignorance of who we are. We are the sun, a city sat on a hill, when the sun is revealed it is always revealed from the highest point in the land, the sun is always revealed from above. It’s the story and the life of Christ which reveal all truth, its our job to be seekers of the truth and abandon the lie.

Bestiality can only produce a carnal understanding but we must as the verse says come forth, coming forth out of darkness (carnality). The elect are those whom God has create the world for, it’s for these people is the very reason the world came into existing. Once their work is done, the world can come to end. For those who are not elect, they will find themselves in all sorts of unfinished business, so many of them die with plans for tomorrow, next week, next year, next time they get back home, that never comes to fruition. But God won’t remove the light until all the elect/chosen work has been completed. Their work is simple, to gain the knowledge of self, to know yourself, as the beginning of this gospel says.

Christ begins this by expressing his depth in love for the creation of man, but he express his dislike for what man has created with himself. Christ is revealing what man seeking, the desires of his heart and he is reveal the fulfillment of it.

The fire represent the spirt, the spirit in man that blaze. Fire seeks to consume, so Christ is speaking to what man seek to consume which is to become like. He says how man move upon the woman, burning in his lust for her and vise versa. Christ express in his love for mankind what dissatisfying end to all lust that punishes the soul of that man. The soul is mean to be lifted up, so to make yourself wings to fly, is to set yourself against your lust, moving by the spirit, full true wisdom which transcend this world. It says to flee from every visible spirit which is mean all that which is causing things to move and have it’s being on the earth, but an invisible spirit is what cause things to move and have it being in heaven. The wisdom in this verse is to not be compelled by the desire in this world but to have a desire beyond this world, this body. The visible to spirit is the spirit which moves the beastly body, the spirit of men is a seen spirit but a unseen spirit is being compelled by something beyond this world, is what I imagine it means.

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