July 23, 2021

This verse speaks to how we are called to serve God and God alone, for if we work for the things of God, our treasure is in heaven and we being inheritors of the kingdom, God is our reward. We are called to love and honor God by acknowledging him in all our ways and obeying him even unto death for he is our life. Money like all things of this world, perishes and do not last. You can accumulate the things of this world but if you have not God you have nothing, you dwell in poverty. When Adam disobey God one of the first curse that was upon Adam is that he was to toll and work the earth. We can seek the richness of this earthly kingdom or God’s heavenly kingdom which has no end. Inevitably serving two masters leads to comparison and valuing one over the other but God is a God of great things and what is of this world cannot be compared to the richness of his glory.

Jesus coming in Revelation with a sword and that sword is the sword of truth and the sword wasn’t in his hand but in his mouth and that sword divideth that which is false from the truth. Jesus says that his heavenly father will cut off people and cast them into the fire. When he says ‘a man’s enemies is of his own household’, that means of his own body. Jesus tells us that if a member of our body causes us to sin, cut it off, for it is better to enter the kingdom of heaven missing a member that for us to be missing in the kingdom. Not only of our body, but off our actually household, meaning that if we don’t against our family and we love them more than we love God, we may be cut off also. How will God tell the different from the wheat and the chaff if we are among one another and are align in our disobedience to God? Wouldn’t we be cut off also? Don’t lost your inheritance to God’s family adopted family by being loyal to your own earthly family. We are apart of God family by faith, for the children of Abraham are the children of faith. We may face betrayal from our own family for being obedient to God and if we love his ways, we must hate the ways of this world. God has called us out of darkness and if we dwell with those who live in darkness we also are ignorance, for if we had the knowledge of God and was the light, those who dwell in darkness would cast us out.

The gentiles are those who have no knowledge of God, they are truly slaves unto their flesh. Jesus says ‘their belly is their God’. when you live by the flesh, you’ll die in servitude to the flesh. God tell us to worry not for our worldly needs for God is cause us lack nothing, for all good things come from the Lord.

I highlighted a key phase ‘all things’. The gentiles worry about all things of the flesh, but us being the children of God, we consider ourselves of all things of God. We are called to concern ourselves with the things of God and what’s of God which is his righteous and his holiness, keeping ourselves inwardly clean, God would take care of our outward needs, but those who have no regard for their inward cleanliness, will regard only their outward appearance, that’s all that they have. They don’t seek to glorify God they seek their own glory and to be glorified in the flesh seeking the praise of people and not being honored by God, but we being the children of God, we’ll be glorified in spirit and our spirit will be lifted up and all those who seek their own glory, to lift themselves up, being proud and boastful will be cast down. This is why we are called to be humble and let God be the one who lifts us up. Let us seek to be the least among us and God will make us the greatest.

Jesus compares himself to a boy, a child, if one receives a little boy in my name, receives me also. You can see that King David was little boy when he was chosen by God, he was easily over looked and nobody assumed he would be king. He care for the flock of his father and God saw how he cared for the flock of his father and knew he would be a great man after God’s heart to care for the flock of God’s people.

Christ told one of John’s disciples to inform him about the works that he was doing all through out the land. Spreading the messaging to John was important for Christ to do because John wanted to know if he was truly the messiah, though he could not see his works, he had to believe, like many of us today. John represents those of us who had to believe by a message of what Christ has done.

Christ said that those who have died are rising, which means those who have fallen, which we all have, falling short of the glory of God are being lifted up from the graves. This is also true in Christ second coming, that those who are held by the graves shall be lifted up first and met him in the sky.

Christ contrast being poor to The Good news. This is so true that when we didn’t hear The Good News we were all doom and the wages of sin is death, that’s a debt we couldn’t pay. We had to live our lives indebted to sin and death was our master. Now, be set free by the power of God, Christ being the redeemer, his story becomes our story and we are set free from the penalty of sin by the blood of Christ, even though we may face persecution, we should rejoice for that shall be added unto us as testimony of our faith, if we endure it to the end, not giving up, not allow fear to control us, but being led by our faith and the author of our faith shall give us a reward according to our faithfulness.

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