Jul 22, 2021 – The Lord’s Prayer

In this passage Jesus was communicating with his Father in heaven and his disciples saw that and ask Jesus how to pray like him, considering they didn't know what to say or what to even ask for, Jesus told them what to pray for and ask from God.

Keep in mind that before this point, they didn't know how to pray and Jesus never taught them. The reason he never did, was because he was with them, Jesus was the one who was praying for them to the father, but they wanted to know to pray to the father themselves. I believe Jesus taught them knowing, that he wasn't going to be with them for "a little while" and he knew that they would need to know how to communicate to God the father when he wasn't around. John being older and predating Christ on earth, Jesus predates John and has precedence over John.  
Jesus told the when they prayed, to address God as "Our Father". At the time this was likely uncommon, because claiming God to be your father, the Pharisees says its basically claiming to be equal to God which was seen as blasphemous. However, Jesus disciples all believed he was The Messiah and believed he was who he said he was. The idea of calling God who is your Lord and master, your father, was unprecedent at the time and widely unaccepted. Only one man had the right to call God his father and that was Christ Jesus, the only other man of all creation was Adam. Adam was a son of God from the earth, but Christ was the son of God from heaven. 

John was a teacher and a messenger of God from the generation of Adam on the earth but Christ is the teacher and the word of God, he wasn't he messenger he was the messiah, he was one perfectly kept the laws given unto mosses and fulfill them in human form. He the firstborn of his own generation who are the Children Of God from heaven who are inheritors of the kingdom of God. It was important for Jesus to say "in heaven" when he speaks of his father for his disciples only new the fathers of earth like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They have forgotten the heavenly father who predates all the fathers of earth.

The Prophets are the ones who was sent by God and what they say has authority because it was seen as the word of God and those whom where called Prophets was treated with reverence and respect, because they represent God on the earth. In certain ways, people feared the prophets more than they feared God. John the Baptist, lived a life “separate from the world” just as we are called to be, set apart, different, other than. For we are God’s people and we should not be like the world. John represents the generation of Adam and Christ said of the generation of Adam, there is none greater than John, but the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. Christ is not of the generation of Adam, he is the firstborn son, like Adam of God except he comes from heaven to earth. Adam came from the earth and God said from the dust you was formed and from the earth you shall return. All things that of this earth returns back unto it and those who are of God return unto him as children, we can return to The Father as we are alive, it is through repentance and giving our lives unto him.

Christ tells his disciples, to pray to God as our father, that we are no longer of the generation of Adam, we are born again and we are now of the of the lineage that Christ is from, sons and daughters of God, as we were in the beginning of time. We have access not only to the tree of ‘the knowledge of good and evil’ but also ‘tree of life’ which is the body of Christ, Christ body which is the bread of life. The tree is like a body and when we take the fruit of the tree we are of that body, there’s none from Adam who have known the tree of life except Christ. When we eat the body of Christ we also will become like him, have ‘the tree of life’ (his body) and also ‘the knowledge of good and evil’ (this body). We are a new creation and our sustenance isn’t the bread of this world but the bread of Christ. When we lack the bread of Christ and lose our hunger for God we are causing ourselves to sin. We must consume the word of God daily and not give ourselves up to temptation, as we will see in the following verses.

It’s important to mention that Christ say that God’s name is holy, honoring his father’s name, which he also possess. There’s a name only Jesus knows of the Father and his name is above all name. We being sons and daughters of God can call upon him knowing his name and using his name to manifest the kingdom of God.

So far, Christ address his heavenly father, honors him as we should so that God can honor us. The first thing Christ ask for is for the Kingdom of God to come to earth, this is important because the scripture says, “seek first the kingdom of God”, you can see the first think Christ seeks on this earth is for his kingdom to come. One of the reason Christ rejected to be king is because his kingdom is not of this earth, everything of this world, shall perish, but Christ will be king and his kingdom has no end. Just like we should see to be honored in this world, but to be honored by God, rejecting the gifts and the pleasures of this world to please God by doing the will of God. Jesus seeks for God’s will to be done, meaning that what seems right to him is what we should ask for. Things might not make sense for ourselves but if it makes sense to God, we should obey and seek for what he seeks to be done, to be done, not what we want. It’s important that when you pray, don’t pray for the things you want or even what you need for God already knows, be seekers of the kingdom of God kingdom and we should pray for what God promise to be done, for our hope is not in things that will pass away but the eternal gift of God. Christ is already on the throne with his father and it is his desire for us to be with him and we shall be with him for all eternity. He met us on the earth and we shall met him in the clouds, he came to where we are and dwell with us for a short while and we shall come to be where he is for all eternity. Hallelujah.

  • 1 Thessalonians 4:17. The air is the spirit when we met Christ we will have the same spirit as him, being in one spirit, one body, one likeness and when we are we will be with him always.
  • I pray that when the father sees me, he sees his son, Jesus and loves me like a son and God will forget the old man of sin, but see the new man of righteousness.

Jesus knowing that we would sin, tell us to ask God to forgive us. Jesus knowing that we would get lost, like a sheep without it’s shepherd, tell us to ask God to not lead us into temptation.

Why would God allow us to be led into temptation?

So that we can be children of our father, who by faith establish kingdom of God on earth. By faith we are tempted and by faith we are delivered, this is the baptism. Those who are tempted and do not have faith are like the Egyptians when they entered the waters, they did not return out of it, we are like the Israelites where we entered the waters slaves but exit the waters as children of God, God’s very own people. As sons and daughters of God we are called to obey, enduring temptation and when we do, we have a testimony of faith. God don’t tempt us nor do he allows us to be tempted so that he can punish us, but he allows us to endure temptations as a testament of our love for him. If we obey him and keep his commandments and loving one another as God has loved us, there is no temptation of the devil that we can’t endure if we are established on his word. It’s not that God leads us into temptation, he allows for us to be tempted and when we are led astray and Jesus is praying that God to lead us out of a situation we put ourselves in by sinning.

When Jesus was baptize he received the holy spirit and the holy spirit led him to the wilderness where he was tempted, Just like Adam and Eve was brought into the garden to be tempted and when they was tempted and sin they missed out on the tree of life. Now Jesus did not begin his ministry until he was tempted by the devil because he had to overcome the temptations that caused us to sin and when he endure temptations and didn’t sin, the bible says “11And The Devil left him, and behold Angels approached and they were serving him.” – Mat. 4:11 This is important because when Adam and Eve sinned the Angels prevented them from getting to the tree of life and when Jesus overcame the world, he had the angels serving him. The angels only serves God, so if they served Christ that means he was also God and had the right’s to the tree of life that only God has. All that belonged to the father, belonged to him and all that serves the father will serve him also. The reason Christ came to earth was to overcome it and as he rejected the world, the world rejected him because they knew not God and they killed him putting out the light of the world, but Christ light still shines within us. Christ only seemed to die but never truly died for he lives within us and he is living in heaven with his Father, his home, our home.

This verse is important because it tells us after he endure the temptation of sin, he gain what was lost in the garden of Eden (The life/The light that Adam and Eve was clothed in, in fact he was that light) and also gain those whom where lost (living in darkness). Darkness is ignorance, those who are dead know nothing, but those who are alive have light/knowledge and they are they light for they have knowledge of him and are known by him. Adam and Eve was clothing in light like the stars and they lost that light and entered into darkness, God compared the children of Abraham to the stars because they are little lights that God sees and we living in a world of darkness, stand out to God and he notice us, even if we are just a little light, in a massive sky of God vision, he notices us and can identify us. If we were to lose that light like Adam and Eve did, God doesn’t acknowledge us as his own, we are children of darkness/slaves to sin. This verse reveals that Christ is the sun of God the light of the world and he is dawning, he is coming up out of the earth, out of sin and ascending to heaven, where

Lastly he tells us to ask God to save us from the hand of the devil, giving us away out to escape the temptation of evil, when all you know is evil, that’s all that you do, but when you have the knowledge of Christ, we have a deliverer from the devil who is The evil one. When you are fact with temptation be like Christ and use the word of God against the devil, with full faith and obedience to the Lord, knowing that he will save us IF we ask in prayer. We should pray without ceasing but not with many words but with our heart and his words will flow from us, but come before the father with faith, for God chose us up out of fear and bondage unto faith and freedom.

After Jesus baptism and temptation in the wilderness his ministry began and he called his disciples like he called us, out of darkness into God’s wonderous light.

When Jesus called James and John, two brothers, he called them to leave their father. I think this verse is important because when God calls us, he calls us to leave mother/father and pick up our cross and follow him.

We never truly be worthy to have Christ, but it’s important to understand that we would have to sacrifice this life we know to have Christ, in order to follow him we have to leave people and environments we use to know. The sacrifice is little to nothing compared to what we gained when we follow Christ.

Jesus ministry has always been about the kingdom of God and taught about the richness of God compare to poverty of this world. When people heard that he was healing people and teaching people, it brought many to follow him, but many of them fallen away, they who called disciple of Christ. Christ taught that their was an reward in heaven for those who endures.

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