Jul 20, 2021

Christ is the one whom we looked for to come, Jesus is the one who came, when they saw Jesus they just saw a man, when we see him we will see a friend and say

“we have seen The Messiah, his time has come, it is now at this very hour. It’s the hour of the Lord, let us rest from our works laboring in vain, let us put on his work for we shall have his rest.”

but they didn’t know the one whom they’ve seen, hung, crucified and slaughtered. He was the one who saved them, the one they rejected, the one whom God appointed, the one whom God anointed, the one whom people disappointed, the one who shepherd the flock, the one who rejected sin, the one who will win in the end, the one who gave up this life, the one who was called Christ. Jesus is Lord.

Ye, even the death of one can save all, then the death of all can save one. Let us preserve the Word of God, Christ in our hearts, who’ve done a perfect work in us all. Who divided us from sin and delivered us from death. Who appointed us as kings and rulers over our bodies that we shall reign their after. He who gave death it’s punishment and life it’s honor, the one who gave every good thing it’s splendor and every wicked thing, it’s end. Let us dye and be changed, knowing that we will be transformed into a new creation carrying no blimish or scar, without any iniquities. Knowing that the burden of sin was carried to the cross and there it died but we shall live on in paradise, with our heavenly father. The soul that was given to us by the father shall return again to be one with him for all eternity. Amen.

How can one say he loves God when he doesn’t truly know him and hates his brother he knows, for if you knew God you would love one another as God loves you. Knowing your master would want a good return on the love he has given you. If you love God, then love one another for God’s love is manifested in you, and it is his desire for his love to be known throughout all creation, first through Christ and from Christ through you.  The one who made all thing, love all things and he dwell in them. For it was God’s desire from the very beginning to be with all creation. For he know himself separate from us and us to not know no life or anything outside of him, for a father knew what was life without the but son knowth not what’s life without the father. Adam had to live out his life separate from the father and all of the generations of Adam likewise until Abraham where we had a covenant with The Father to know him by faith and he will dwell within us by our faith, that we shall believe in him and he shall live in us.

Who has seen the face of

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