June 12, 2021 – Joseph and Jesus

Joseph and Jesus had alot in common, both was imprisoned, both faced betrayal and both was falsely accused. We are going to unpack the connections of Jesus and Joseph. All the bibles speaks of Jesus, the old testament speaks of Christ concealed and the new testament speaks of Christ revealed. Joseph in Genesis is a archetype of Christ. Joseph from his birth was beloved by his father above his own siblings who was born before him due to him be the first born of Racheal. Through out Genesis you can see one child taking precedence over another child due to being the first born, but once you get to Joseph, these a shift of focus from being the first child to be the beloved child. Just like Christ was beloved by the father and took precedence over all those who was born before him in this world, being the first fruits, first born of the father.

You can see in the story of Abraham, how God calls Isaac his ‘only’ son, despite Ishmael being born first. This reflects the story of Christ, as Christ is the second Adam, yet he is called the only begotten of the father. Joseph was the only son of his mother Racheal, until Benjamin was born and lil Benjamin story would be significant as he would temporarily replace Joseph as Rachel’s only son. Events like these reflects Christ story as we will take his place and he will take ours.

Joseph was known for his dream and his ability to interpret dreams. This is his gift that freed him from imprisonment and what led to him being enslaved. So it was a gift and a curse, but truly in the end it will turn out to be a blessing not just for his family but the people of Egypt whom Joseph entered into as a foreigner, just as Christ was a foreigner and we are called to be ‘passers by’ in this world, which basically what foreigners are, in addition we are spoken of as ‘not of this world’. Amen, we are foreigners because of Christ. Because if we were like the world, the world would receive us as it’s own but we are not like the world, therefore the world rejects us, just like it rejected Christ.

Joseph was faithful to all his masters and gain favor with his master. I think it’s important to keep in mind that no one knew who Joseph’s father was, they only knew him by his master. Joseph being a righteous and faithful man who had wisdom because he feared God and was obedient likewise to his heavenly master as his earthly master. He was excellent and excelled at whatever he did, provoking jealousy and envy among his brothers.

Just as his brothers was stewards of his little brother, at the time of the betrayal I imagine Joseph being young and innocent. Like Christ, who was compared to a young lamb. Believe it or not, we are stewards of Christ, ambassadors of Christ, what will you do with Christ in you?

Outside of Joseph dreams, one of the things that set him apart was his coat that was given unto him by his father. This is significant, because garment symbol status and in context to Christ he was clothed in light, when he was with his father, in fact, he was the light. All things are revealed before the father, thru Christ. When Adam and Eve sin the first things that happened to them was that their garment changed. When Joseph was betrayed the one of the first thing that happened was they took his coat. The coat was dismembered and dipped in blood, symbolizing the death of Christ. It is important to understand that the coat/garment symbolize the flesh, but it also symbolize light. When Joseph lost his coat, he when to thru a dark time and wasn’t until Joseph became the Lord of Egypt was he honorably clothed.

“You are the light of this world a city set on a hill that cannot be hid.”

You are called the light because you are the temple of God, you are what God is clothed in. In this world, the one who wears the garment is more valuable than the garment itself, but a time will come when we are rejoined to our father, just as Joseph was rejoined to his father, where the garment will be more valuable than the one who wears it. Christ perfectly exemplify in the Father, separated himself from the world, yet he still walked upon it. We can walk in this world, without having to walk in unrighteousness or wickedness, but we can walk in this world righteously, upright as tried and true. The trials of life may cause us to slip and fall, but as the bible says a righteous man may fall seven times but gets back up every time. Joseph was a man who walked righteously and went thru several trials in his life but those situations only reveal his true character and deepen his relationship with God. We are called unto obedience and when we are obedient, the bible says we will not only have favor with God but even in this world, just as Joseph, but it is far more better to gain favor with God thru our trials and tribulation we face in life and even in death we are set upon glory and will be glorified as Christ was. Glory be to God. I thank God for my struggles, my weaknesses, and my pains for it all is used for my good.

“When a man’s ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” – Proverbs 16:7

Joseph was tempted as we are.

Joseph was tempted to be ensnared by Potiphar’s wife, who saw him and lusted after him. Similar to how Eve saw the fruit and lusted after it in her heart. Joseph says that his master gave all that he have, except his wife, similar to how God gave Adam and Eve every tree of the garden except the knowledge of good and evil. This was the beginning of how sin entered into the world, Joseph obedience in this one situations is what led him to the highest position in the land except Pharaoh. Potiphar’s wife insisted Joseph to sleep with her, this is how sin works on the flesh, the urge to sin is insistent. The weakness of the woman exposed the strength of God and through his strength we have the power to overcome our temptations. It was spoken of in Genesis that Joseph had Grace with his master, nothing belonged to Joseph but he had power and authority over it. The same is true with Christ and he is a man who endure temptations of his own flesh. One of the first things Christ was tempted by in the desert was with bread. Joseph was separated from his master and was alone with his master’s wife, but as the word of God says:

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the good and the evil.”

Joseph knew even if his master wasn’t watching, the Lord was. Joseph even said “how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” When we sin, we sin against our flesh and it is our flesh that holds that testimony against us. When Cain killed Abel, Abel’s blood was crying out to God as a witness against Cain. This is so crucial, that we realize that it is our sins against ourselves that bring us unto condemnation, even though Joseph said it was against God, it was truly against ourselves because no one can go against God, and prosper. One of the things that Joseph was described at the time was prosperous, yet when he was falsely accused he went into poverty, losing all they he had. The knowledge of good and evil is something God has reserved unto himself, just as Potiphar’s wife as one that was reserved unto himself and Joseph being loyal to God he ran from temptation. This is what Adam was supposed to do, Imagine when Adam was being offered the fruit by his wife, declined and said “how could I commit this offence against God?”. One thing that is interesting to me is that Adam named Eve after he committed the sin.

Joseph’s garment plays significant role as it was what was used against him. The garment represent the flesh, and the garment was ripped by his master’s wife. In Joseph obedience his garment became broken and in Christ obedience his flesh was broken. She accused the one who wore the garment and whoever wore that garment was punished. Same is true with this worldly garment, which can be destroyed by those who falsely accuse us and when the stain of sin is present on our flesh, God will be like Potiphar and punish us for it. Except we are guilty of committing the crime, Christ wasn’t. Joseph was never vindicated after being falsely accused, he was imprisoned and was placed amongst those who are guilty of committing offenses worthy of death.

“So is he who sleeps with another man’s wife; no one who touches her will go unpunished.”Proverbs 6:29

Jesus after being captured, beat and imprisoned was placed on a cross, where he was among those who were guilty and worthy of the punishment of death. They was being recompensed for their own sins, except Christ who never knew sin, Just like Joseph never knew his master’s wife. Imagine how different our lives would be if we never knew anything evil.

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