July 9, 2021- Exodus Notes

Moses got his name because he was Drew out of the water. Moses help get the children of Israel out of slavery. This is like a baptism. Moses was the first of a generation that withdrew out of the the water. The water symbolize life, it’s the beginning of new life once one is drawn out the water.

God reveal his miracle first to Moses then others.

Moses is like Christ where Moses being obedient to God revealed the power of God thru miracles. Christ healed people from the curse of sin, Moses preform miracles like Christ that removed the curses from the Egyptians, but it wasn’t enough to let the Israelites go, just like our sufferings and trails isn’t enough to make us not Sin anymore. Sin is like a curse that cause us to suffer and Christ came to relieve us from this curse which is possible by the power of God. Since we are in sin we are slaves, but when we are free from sin we are Children of God. Moses was the one to represent the hand of God that withdrew the Children of Israel out of the oppression of slavery, just like Christ represent the hand of God to deliver us out of the oppression of sin.

Sin is in the heart, the reason Pharaoh didn’t release the children of Israel was because of the hardend heart. When we continue to sin and don’t let go of it because of our hearts being turn away from God. We suffer like the Egyptians when we are living in disobedience and rebellion against God. The plagues of the earth is like the plagues of the body when we live in sin.

It was revealed that it was only thru the sacrifice of the lamb of God and the death of Pharaoh’s first son was the Children of Israel finally let go. This perfectly reflects the story of Christ. It is thru the the sacrifice of Christ and God the Father losing his only begotten son could we be truly delivered from sin. It is by the blood of Jesus, that we have life. The blood that has power over death.

and what Egyptians was the people who lack the knowledge of God, one of the things God did for Moses is reveal his name he shall be called, so they can know him. When we are in sin, we lack the knowledge of God. When the Israelites was out of slavery, they are out of the water and can know God and be Children of God and not serve him as slaves but as sons and daughters.

When the Egyptians drown in the Red Sea it represented the baptism and how they didn’t resurrect out of the waters. The Children of Israel had one big baptism by transiting across the Red Sea, from slaves to sons and daughters. It wasn’t by miracles that they was delivered but by death and resurrection. The miracles was there so that they believe, but when they didn’t believe it was only possible for them to believe thru death and resurrection.

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