July 7, 2021

Ye, I tell you before the Church rejected God (Christ), God rejected the Church. Not as his people, but as his delight. For the Lord delights in all creation but the imaginations in the heart of man, he delight, not. Once the delight as removed the light of man became darkness.

Delight of man is ‘The light of man’

The light is attention, the attention of God upon man was removed so we dwelled in darkness. When a ray of light shines upon you, it’s source is revealed right behind it, that source is God the Father. The ray connects that which is shines and that which is shone upon. Ye, that light is Christ, which connects us unto God the Father. Ye, there is a false light and a false source, that is the light of man. The same way the spine connects the head and the abdomen, Ye the snake is connect the lower things of God to the higher things of God. You being carnel in your thinking confused the lower things of God with the higher things of God. The snake confused you to believe that it’s tail was it’s head and head, the tail. I tell you, the snake bruise his heel (his beginning, inception, heel connects to the soul (sole) ‘his soul was bruise, that’s all it can be, the soul cannot die, soul is connect to God, but his head is God, the snake manage to get to the head of woman (which is Man) but not of Christ (which is God) and He crushed his head (his end, his wisdom, his creativity)

Imagine a head being a light post, Christ crush/broken the light (wisdom, knowledge) of this world. When the head was broken, it was darkness. Head also symbolize the glory, when the snake was lifted up, it was Christ being raise, his glory being lifted up, he, Christ being lifted up to glory, when Christ is glorified we are healed. From a snake (carnal/lower wisdom) was a man led to death, also from a snake (spiritual/higher wisdom) we are healed and we have life. He being above us, like the snake was above Eve in the garden on the tree (body) enlightens us to God’s wisdom.

The snake told Eve that ‘she’ shall not surely die, but truly it was Christ who wouldn’t die if he ate from the tree and obtained the ‘lower wisdom’, because he can also eat from the tree of life. The little wisdom of this world cost them their life, Christ rejected the wisdom of this world, he refused to eat the fruit daily, in obedience to the Lord, Ye, he had the ‘higher fruit’ which is the knowledge of God. Which is better to know what the Lord knows or to know the Lord? Ye, what good is it to know life or death without the knowledge of God? Better it is to know God and not know death. God has not known death (which is sin, which bears absence of God’s light, sin could be literally be translated as ‘what God don’t know’) until we have chosen death, like Eve we gave the fruit of death to our husband (Christ) after we first ate it and delivered him unto death, and unless he also ate the fruit like we have, we would be separate from for all eternity. Ye, even now, we can have access to the tree of life, that is the body of Christ, that’s why he says eat my flesh and drink my blood. Christ gave his body for all creation to eat and know him. For he is known by the father, the father knows him and we can know him as he knows us and we can be known by the father and know him, hallelujah. God has imagine a better life than this and we knew it not and that life is with Christ, clothed in the light of the Lord.

None of us could have imagine Christ and would have conceived him in the world. Our imagination is our highest thought and who could imagine anything higher than God. His word is our ceiling protects us from the things above us, Christ enter into the home (world) through the ceiling (heavens) and he being from above known heavenly things that this world could not conceived and they knew him not for he was from above and spoke of the things from above. His thoughts dwell not on this world but on what was to come, just like a train conductor focus not on where he is, but where he is going, and only stops to let people on and people off. Ye, I tell you, he will not return for those whom got off of the train until he gets where he is going, those who are going where he is going, remains on the train, but those who have duties, obligations and loyalty elsewhere gets off the train. They also are those whom have gotten tired waiting for the train and left the station. Also there are those who waited a little while and the train arrived and those who waited a long period and the train arrived, never the less the train arrived. Ye, I tell you the train was first appointed to arrive first to the Jews, then to the Gentiles. Ye, I tell you, they knew not the time of it coming, for when the train arrived, they rejected it when it opened up and they would not go in, and forbid others from going in. They are those who desire to get off the train and Christ let them go.

Let’s look at John 6:66 (strange number, no coincidence)

This is where Jesus lost most of his followers, this is where most people got off board. Let’s look at what Jesus (the train conductor) said to (the passengers on board) his disciples that made them follow him, no more.

Firstly he was preaching the synagogue, where he was tell the people, I am the bread of life, the manna from heaven to nourish my people as the dwell in the wilderness. His speaking openly what the bible spoke secretly, but they didn’t understand, because the bread they only know is from this world, they only know nourishment and delight from this world, they don’t know the one that comes from God (heaven), Christ is telling the people, ‘I am the the delight of the Lord, delight yourself in me as God delights himself in me’ Even God was in the garden, do you think he didn’t delight in the fruits also, of course he did and he ate every tree in the garden, and he delighted in them all. Christ says ‘my body is the tree the lord delights in and you need it to have life, just like Adam and Eve need the tree of life to live forever but God forbid if from happen, the tree was revealed as a man, but they knew not which he come from, he was just a man who spoke with authority not of this earth, but from heaven. Heaven is like an oven, where things are made complete, whole and perfect. When things are taken out of the oven, it is complete. Christ is the bread from the oven of God that was perfect for the nourishment of our bodies, our souls craves God. Christ is God with us and he was our provider for food and sustenance, people accept the gifts of God but rejected the giver.

Which is greater the gift or the giver of the gift?

So Christ explained these truths to them, ‘I am the giver of life and that life is eternal’. We are met to eat of Christ continually, consuming his word. The words are received thru the ear (heart), Christ is the Word, (this is the part that they was missing, he is the word, the promise one, the messiah, the redeemer, the one spoken of) when The Word entered into the ear it’s consumed by the mind and enters into the heart so that what was sown into your ear is now what you produce verbally from the heart. When you speak what Christ speaks, his authority is now in you and is now your authority, but truly its not your authority, it’s God’s authority, because he is the one who ‘authorized’ you to do what he does.

Now, he said ‘eat of my flesh’, the flesh is what is bonded unto the soul, the flesh is the tree, the actions, deeds, words, are the fruit. When you have the body of Christ, you produce the same fruit as Christ. Christ is calling us to be bonded unto that which he is bonded to, which is God, but in order for us to be bonded unto God, we much be bonded unto Christ. When we eat of Christ, we are being bonded unto him. There’s a oneness with the food and the body that produces life.

They couldn’t perceive beyond their bellies. The heart yearns, the soul aches and when the sun is with us we are made glad but when it depart from us, heart is made low, and the soul aches baring the weight of my flesh. When my heart thinks of him it is lifted up and when my soul bares his cross (flesh) my soul rejoices, to do the work of the Lord.

They had a hard time accepting the truth of God, that he needeth not our flesh, nor does the flesh needeth anything but God who is Christ. All we need is God, When Christ gain followers, he told them to abandon what they had, the things they worked for, the people they known and loved, for we shall know him and labour for him. Our bodies are simply insufficient because it’s deficient of Christ. Christ desiring to restore us, gave up his body to be sacrificed or consume by fire which is spirit and by man which is flesh. Lord don’t need our sacrifices, it is us who needs his’s.

Christ tell them, I am the lamb, received my sacrifices unto your bodies, consume me. ‘Let me be sustained into as you are sustained by me and the one who sustains me also sustains you.’ They rejected the offer and ultimately, rejected him. Christ was feeding the disciples the word, which is himself, to believe is to receive and they didn’t receive and just like the Children of Israel in the wilderness, they perished. It was by the power of God the Children of Israel came out of slavery and it was by his power that they would be sustained. Christ tell them, no make can come to me unless give unto by the father. This is also true about the tree of life, no man can get to it unless God allows it and God didn’t allow Adam and Eve to get to it.

If Jesus knew they was going to reject him, why did he allow them as disciples?

This question stems back to genesis, when God gave Adam permission to eat of every tree but the one of good and evil. It can be answer if you know why did God allow Adam to eat from the tree of good and evil or even allow the tree to be there at all? Isn’t God who gave that tree increase to and bare fruit, and what fruit there of?

Lets look at Matthew 21:18-19 : “But at dawn when he returned to the city he was hungry. And he saw one fig tree by the road and came to it and he found nothing on it except leaves only, and he said to it, “There will be no fruit on you again forever”, and at once that fig tree withered up.”

To understand this you must perceive the tree as the body and the fruit as the deeds and actions (God said ‘let what is in you come forth’, that is the fruit) This body (tree) bared no fruit, it was clothed baring the glory of the body, but not baring fruit which glorifies God, now you must understand Christ created the world, he made the world for his pleasure, so if he find something in this world that don’t please him, like a tree that has no fruit, he can remove it, simply by cutting it off from himself, which is cutting it off from life. Christ in the passages was hungry, meaning that he wants to be recompensated for the life that he gave it. That tree is us, Christ wants to be recompensated for the life he gave us so we must bare the fruits of Christ, so that Christ can be pleased in us and within us. We must bare his fruits not the fruits of this world, for the fruits of this world doesn’t have virtue with God. God only see virtue in that which he put in us, coming to it’s fullness through us, which is only possible by Christ Jesus. If Christ can’t take pleasures in you, because your actions and deeds don’t reflects his, he will cut you off and it is God who give authority for him and us to do the same thing. Cut off people whom God cannot take pleasure in, when you see people who do things that you know don’t please God, remove yourself from among them before you get cut off like they have.

Now to answer the question, Christ only allowed the tree to grow to bare fruit, that is the purpose the tree is meant to serve, once it bares fruit, its life’s work is completed. If it don’t bare fruit, its end is near and it comes quickly. We are meant to continually bare good fruit. A tree doesn’t bare good fruit then bare bad fruit, then good, nor does it bares both bad and good fruit at same time. Everything in all creation is made after its kind. If we are the same kind as Christ (children of God) we should bare the same fruit as him. Christ also says “Everything that you will ask in prayer and believe, you will receive.” – Matthew 21:22

Prayer is connection, communion, and fortification with God. When we pray, we should pray with faith and the full acknowledge that we have received that which we prayed for. My prayers offers me peace, with things that trouble me, it helps me get through hard times and helps me to not feel alone, it is as if I have an advocate with God and I am speaking with one who can truly deliver from my troubles. People will seek things like drug, sex and money for something they could have found in God, if they would have sought his face.

Why does God allow evil to dwell among good or the righteous with the unrighteous? Truly I tell you it is not for the righteous to become unclean, defiled and wicked, it is so the unclean can become clean. If you being clean become unclean, it is as if you was never clean, for when Christ come wouldn’t he see you as your are being unclean not as your were, for it is all the more shameful if you were clean and became unclean. Truly I tell you, keep yourself, out uncleanliness, maintain yourselves in righteousness. The wicked one among you seeks to defiled all those among you who are clean, get him away from among you. If a unclean one seeks to be clean, wouldn’t he also be clean if he is among those who are clean and his former uncleanliness would be accounted for nothing. Ye, I tell you they are those who think they are clean believing their outward appearance saves them, but inward they are abominable and distain those who are truly clean. Righteousness belongs to the Lord, they that have it are of him and there is none outside of him. Do not be fooled, God destroys them all, not because of their deeds, but because of their lack of repentance. They are bitterly against their own soul, they cause destruct and their deeds awaits them, ensnaring themselves. Don’t be one of many who fall.

Repentance is just seeking forgiven is forsaking the deeds and counting all that you gain unrighteously as lost so that you can gain that which is true, good and pleasing unto the Lord. You must also deny oneself the things that you have formerly knew as yours. The love you gain for the things of this world must be forsaken. Its the act of retract one’s steps by admission of wrong and attention to right. Repentance can be sorrow for there’s a loss of oneself. But it is greater to loss one’s self and gain Christ, for he is who we were. The original man whoever other man was design after. Imagine that when God made Adam he was looking at Christ the blueprint for what he was after to create, he the model for all creation.

“Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?” – John 6:70

Twelve Disciples, Twelve Fruits of the Tree of life.

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