June 5, 2021

I don’t believe in “good people”, I believe there are people who choose to do good. People can be condemned socially but still, choose to do good despite social condemnation. Perception is key. Change your perspective. Because good can/does exist in bad situations.

Resistance is only a temporary result. Regroup, readjust, reassess, and RE-ENGAGE! You can change everything, but still, fail because you haven’t changed your mindset. Giving up on one method is not quitting, just because I am quiet doesn’t mean I am silent. My work speaks.

My mindset is to develop and cultivate, it’s ultimately up to God if it last. My highest rates of success was when I had no fear of failure, my output was outstanding. I lost nothing but gained Christ.

My success ultimately depends on me using my faculties of faith. It is my duty not to ensure success but to infuse faith in whatever I do. Whatever I accomplish is according to my faith not my finances nor me “figuring it out”. I never succeed because I knew what I was doing, It was because I believe that my incompetence wouldn’t cause my work to be incomplete, I knew despite whatever obstacle would arise that I would get through it, not because I had the perfect plan, but I had perfect faith.

I fear neither life nor death, peaks nor valleys, devastation or reconstruction.   All things has to fall into the order of God. If God is the one who orders my steps, all I have to do is obey. That’s it. Disobedience is what brought death into the world and its thru the obedience of one that life was brought into the world. It is as if we were alive before Adam sinned and when he sinned we all died and Christ was the one who brought us back into life, he who was before Adam. Apart of why we continue to sin, is because we know no life outside of it, or more specifically, we don’t know Christ, it’s his life, his love and liberty that we are alive and know life.

It’s in our ignorance of God that we sin and it is in our knowledge of him that we cannot sin. Sin is to going against ourselves, God doesn’t do anything that isn’t for his good. Sinning is seeking something good outside of God. When you come into the knowledge of God you will realize there is nothing good outside of him. If we knew him, we will forsake what we known like an adult forsake what they knew (or thought they knew) as a child. We are all like children to the Father, for we don’t know what he knows and we don’t know what we do. We do what seems right unto us. Like children our ways are predictable and fallible, he desire for us to realize the flaw in our ways, turn against ourselves and seek him. The same sacrifice we make, God makes for us in heaven. It’s like God already made the sacrifice and our sacrifice is only us following after him for what he has done for us. God never seek/ask of us to do something he isn’t willing to do, or hasn’t done. It is Christ story that is being recreated in us, that becomes our story. When I hear the story of Christ, I wept as if it was my death, my crucifixion, even though I didn’t hang from that cross. I hang from this cross which is my body. My body is like a tree, the fruit of my womb cause me to sin, but the fruit of his wounds cause me to be heal.

In the baptism of all creation, we first had our being out of the water (which is life /w God the Father), then we was plunged into the water (which is death, connected to the waters/life below us), then brought back out of the water (which is life w/ Christ). When we first come out of the waters we breathe, that’s the breath of life, when we was below the waters, we didn’t breathe, we have no breath, no life, its the air we had before entering the waters that sustains us for little while, but then we have this urge to breathe again that cause us to suffer, it the desire to be connect back to the father, that is in us all. Our soul comes from God, who is spirit and the ruler of all spirits. The one who baptizes and are baptize is one, He who leads on down into the waters, will led one out of the waters. He who leads you into the waters desires to reveal you anew out of the waters. Christ will join us back unto the father, but it’s only thru him we have access.

Christ is like a tree that bears all the fruits that it can bear, but so many have fallen away from him. In every seed there’s the likeness of the one who made it, but we have fallen away and sown seeds of corruptibility into the world, unlike the tree we have fallen from. Christ is the one true God, but so many came after him bare the image of righteousness and virtue but possessing none of it. Like the fruit that Eve had that seemed good but was truly no good and all the desire ability of it came from what it seemed to be.

Christ is the fruit that bare all the virtue of God, but truly Christ isn’t just the fruit of life, but he is the tree, He is the tree of life. His fruits are: “love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (Gala. 5:22-23) His body is the fruit. The teeth (truth) must pinch through the seal and get to the flesh. Ye, when we eat of his body these qualities are in us.

 When the bible says “there is no law” it means there is no sin, no flaw, no punishment, no death. There is no need to create laws when there’s no measure of the limitation. God’s love has no limit therefore, there is no law for it’s limitation. Law was made for man not man for law. God made us like cars that can go 200 mph, but the law limits us to 30-40 mph. When God told Adam to eat of every tree of the garden, he didn’t put a cap on it, on how much. God man to have dominion over his limitation and reign where there is no limitations, that is in the imagination. This body is design to perish, but it’s work unto rest. All this leads unto rest. Those who can’t rest, work isn’t done. Some are fools, like a dog chasing its tail, their work is undoing, or they glory is in destruction, and they can’t rest unless evil is done, they have no interest or desire in restoration, their stubbornness works against them for God will be unmerciful with those whom are unmerciful, He will bring their evils back upon their head. God never sleeps and his work is on going, but even he rested the seventh day, to give all of creation to glory in his rest. This is how we bond with God, we can never truly know the work of the Lord, but we can know his his rest. The rest is like the crossing point between man and God.

If we were to fulfill all the things of our imagination, the fruits would be no good. Ye, if we had the mind of Christ, all things are good for us. That suffering is our glory, our burdens is our builder, our inadequacies and weakness makes us perfect.  Ye, God made us less than but greater than he. Why would God make something greater than himself?

We are greater when we are bonded unto God, without him we are nothing. Our light is false if it doesn’t reveal him. Ye, when Adam and Eve saw themselves, they was ashamed, for it was the light of Christ that gave them glory not there bodies, but his body. When we was in his body we have value, but apart from him we are worthless.

When we are a dead we value dead things, I valued perishable things, think as one who is perishable. I thought in my sin nature, “Let us gather as much of these things as we can as this false light shines before the true light comes” It’s like those who like to sin in the night but want to be righteous during the day, but they know, the sun is coming. When it comes all of our evil deeds will be revealed. It has all ready has been reveal by the father (cus he knows all the imagination of the heart), but it shall also be revealed by the son (sun).

I like to think back to God’s original intention with man. Why did God create us and why did God allow us to live up to a certain point then we die, why not prevent us from being born or prevent us from sinning? The simple short answers is that God created us for his pleasure, for his delight. Christ has already paid the debt, so our gain of life is through Christ loss, but he loss nothing, Ye, but its also true that through our loss of life we gain Christ (oh how better it is to gain Christ than this world).

Christ was like Issac, he was brought unto the Lord to die but never died, but yet he did die, He died unto those who was dead unto him, but unto those who knows him, he is alive unto them, It is as if he never died (its so strange, he bore the marks as a reminder, “I died for you” but communes with us through the holy spirit to remind us “I live with you”. If the holy spirit is in us/with us, we are one in spirit with Christ and the Father. Christ died so that we can gain the holy spirit. He left so that another can be with us. Ye, what a wonder it is to have one resting in you that knows no death, that pure and holy. The holy spirit is the light that guides us from within, while we live in a world of darkness that is deprived of the light of Christ. It’s because of the holy spirit that I no longer hope, God is real, I know.

I couldn’t describe to you how easy it is to fall away from Christ, without the holy spirit, it is it’s life that keeps me life. I couldn’t know God without the holy spirit. It’s feminine because it yields unto those who seeks it, it’s obedient, faithful, and I would describe it as that ‘still small voice that knows no sin’, to describe it, to describe Christ. It’s strange when people say “God told me this” because it only can be revealed unto them by the holy spirit. The holy spirit serves us, but who listens unto those who serves them? Wise is he. The holy spirit is constantly giving, it is God’s wealth. The beauty of the holy spirit is like a dove moving with so much grace, it is as light as a hummingbird and it will pick you up like a eagle out of water and bring you in the sky of the knowledge of God. You will be in the sky perceiving the world from how God sees, above. He, the holy spirit will keep you above only. He sees you complete, whole and perfect, he knows not one of your sins, he only knows himself. He is your friend, who desire to see the best in you, as he possess the best in himself. His patience is as if your life existed for a moment, its so timely.

I never knew a better friend than Christ, indeed. It is odd to claim friendship with God, but he is closer than a friend. He is my shepherd, my Lord, my King, my rock of salvation, my comforter.  No one could have imagine Christ, only could be conceived in the mind of God, he was there all along at the right hand of the father. Held in the creative faculties in the mind of God, the right side of the mind is creative side, the right hand is the right mind. When God was in his right mind Christ was born. Ye, Christ beginnings was with God not with man, no man have known him before coming to earth, he came as we where so that we can be as he is. That’s it. A frequency is brought low only to rise again, the ascension and descension of Christ is ‘God’s frequency’. God’s frequency creates all things, it is Christ who is proceed from the mouth of the father, he is “The Word”, what God spoke so that we may have life, He is what came out of God into the world and what we are compose of, he is the bind, the bond of all creation.

Without him nothing is made and the Father is silent.

The father speaks so that the son can do work. 

Christ is God made manifested as man.

Christ is also God without taking of the form of man.

He did it for the sake of the story.

So that this story/his – Story we can be known.

No man has known the father expect the son,

No one true knows Christ except the Father and he knows himself.

He is complete.

The one who knows the father and knows himself, lacks nothing.

Christ was only here to tell a story, that’s it.

The value of his life, is in his story.

Christ rarely ever spoke literally, he always spoke in stories.

Because the value that is transferred comes through the story…. His story.

The information in a fruit provides nourishment to our bodies.

It is his story, the knowing of him, that gives us life.

The trees know him, the flowers, the bird, all those creatures know him.

However they know him as a creation.

Same way a pot knows the hands of the potter.

Yet, who knows the creator?

Who truly knows God as he is?

If you know the story of Christ, you know him.

Christ is the one who died on the cross for the sins of the world. Simple.

When you believe that, you receive a blessing.

That blessing leads you to seeking.

Who is the one who gave his life for me?

Who is the one who set me free?

The difference between knowing God and knowing of God is one word: Relationship.

“I’ve seen a thousand boats sail across the seas but none of them have known no one like me”

To perceive God, requires a knowing of him.

Who has known God except the those who are known by him, for no one can know God without God knowing them. Ye, they are those who God knows but they don’t know him and if they would only have sought him and found him, they could have been saved. It’s like hide n seek, except when you find the hidden one, you are saved. When the hidden one is found there is no need for him to hide, he comes out into the open so that all can see him and the hidden one, helps you find others who are hidden also. When all is found, there is no need for anyone to hide. In this world we are all seekers, God is the hidden one, yet truly God is the seekers and we are all hidden in this world. God is hidden is this world, in us, and God is seek us to find himself. One journey in life is to find himself. Ye, one find himself and rejoice then another find himself and weeps bitterly.

Ye, I was vase and I became broken. When I sought God, he appeared unto me as fragment of a broken piece. When I was whole he appeared to me as whole, complete and perfect. Christ became broken so that we can become whole, he appeared unto me as the piece that I was missing. Ye, it was his body that became broke, but he himself was whole complete and perfect. I know because when he healed me, he made me like unto himself. When I saw him as he is, he had no flaws. Ye, the one who takes away the sins of the world, however he didn’t die like you and die. I like to say ‘Dye’ instead of ‘Die’ for when you dye your hair, your only changing it’s colors but when you hair is dead, it departs from the head. Dye implies change, we all shall, ‘Dye’ but not all of us will ‘Die’. Christ never ‘die’ nor did he ‘dye’, God never changes, Christ never changed, he only seemed to change. Just as the sun never dies, it only seems to die. It’s the story that God cares about, that’s where all the meaning comes from. The importance of death and life is to tell the story of Christ.

  Christ more so seemed dead, ye, when the solider came to break his leg, they saw him as dead, but his spirit was alive. The animation if life is connected to the spirit. Our souls knitted to this one body but Christ’s, his spirit is in all creation, his essence or likeness is throughout all creation. Ye, when a man creates a child, it bares his image. Christ is the creator if all creation, this is his world, his body, we are living it. Just as we have authority of our body, Christ has authority of his body. He can command things out of it and into another, like the man with a legion of demonic spirit. We can cast out devil too because God has give us authority over all creation through Christ Jesus.

One never dies but changes and he who don’t fear change, fears not death. Christ is the life and the hope of glory.

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