July 1, 2021

Currently read the Tanakh, pretty excited about getting this book at the library, it’s the only one in stock. Here’s my notes:

This one shall be called woman, For from man she was taken” Genesis 2:23

“Woman” – The wound of man, the wound of the woman is her vagina, where all human life comes from. The wound is an open and vuernable spot that is meant to be protected by the whole body. To protect ourselves we bring out body closer to our wound. The wounded man, is the woman, the one who bares the wound. The weakness of a woman is her body, the weakness of a man is his woman, which is his body.

Eve was made in the image of Man, Man was made in the image of God. Woman is the weakness of Man, Mankind is the weakness of God. “For God so loved the World (mankind) that he gave his only begotten Son (God’s only true image/reflection was his son, God sacrifice his only true image of himself so that we can have the true image of God, it’s such a beautiful story.)”

When Adam says “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh” He is referring to how she shares his likeness, strengths and weaknesses. Bone being ‘his strength’/spirit and his flesh being ‘his weakness’/ body.

Also it mentions Eve being his helper, read this excerpt about that: In the Torah it says “ezer k’negdo” which is “helpmate” “ezer” is “help(er)” and “k’negdo” is “opposite”/ “against”.

The woman was created so that Adam had something work against, not like an adversary or an opponent, but as a means to create something or accomplish something. If you are working against the clock, the clock isn’t your enemy, it’s simple a tool to help you accomplish something. Without the clock nothing gets done, without the woman, nothing gets created. All things are manifested in man, but becomes thru a woman.

“One shall leave his mother and father and cling on to his wife, so that they become one flesh” – Genesis 2:24

Adam left his father (God), man’s first Father is God, God is our true father. His mother is earth. The intimate relationship between God and the earth created Adam. (The releasing of the spirit into Adam is like the releasing of semen into the woman’s body, it was God’s pleasure to make Adam, It please that father to make him) God separated the body of Adam from the earth, (First separatation, from mother) Then God breathed and gave Adam his spirit (Second separation, from father) From being one in spirit with the Father and one in body with the mother, to being one in body with a woman and the same spirit that was in Adam also was in Eve, thru Adam.

Eve was deceived by her eyes and allowed deception to enter into her body and Adam allow Eve to also have deception into his body. However Adam was not tricked by the snake but by his wife. He was not tricked by his eyes but by his body.

God allowed Adam to eat the fruit but didn’t allow him to live by the fruit. The fruit didn’t cause Adam to die, it was God’s Judgment. The way God saw Adam after was disgraceful and Adam knew it, because he was ashamed, he went from being clothed in a greater light to a lesser light. The fruits of sin is death. The fruit was forbidden knowledge and that knowledge was going to result in death.

Without the light of Christ we are shameful, but when we are clothed in God’s light we have no shame in our nakedness. Like a crystal that reflects beauty in the light, so do we in God’s light but in darkness it’s just a rock. Christ is that rock that in God’s light it’s arrayed in beauty but in this world he’s just an odd, irregular rock, but that odd rock was also a cornerstone that the builder’s rejected.

In the story God curses everyone, including the earth. This is the first several times cast his God’s judgement on the earth. The curse is God’s rejection. The fruit was cursed and when Adam ate the earth was also cursed. For food enters through the head and Adam was the head of Eve, one of the criticism by God was that he listened to the woman, instead of rebuking her as God rebuked Adam. Adam’s failure to correct Eve led to their punishment by God.

Apart of rulership is self-discipline, to deny yourself of that which you know is wrong. If a king does evil an whole nation gets destroy but if a king does good, a whole nation could be saved. It very well could be possible that Eve could be saved by the virtue of Adam, but Adam submitted to Eve and dammed himself.

“Evil became apparent before Good but Good existed before evil, for evil can’t exist without Good. What is evil, what is good? Except that which opposes one another… To oppose God is death.” – TheJonJC

If they would have had the self-control to deny themselves that which was cursed, they could have received that which was blessed and at from the tree of life. The tree of life contains the knowledge of God, but they chose to know evil but their is no evil in God.

“Better it is to know God and be ignorant to evil. For what you can destroy you” – TheJonJC

If God knowing all things can forget our sins, couldn’t we also forget and forsake evil, especially if we have the knowledge of God?

Man listened to woman, Woman listened to the snake, but who listened to God? When God’s words are disregard, we are ignoring the pathway to life and following after death. It’s only in our ignorance of God does death seem appealing but in our knowledge of him, it has no appeal. We must deny death (sin) and choose Christ who is the life. Once sin has entered into the body, we must deny ourselves.

The fruit that was curse was only meant to be available unto God, to know good and evil. Why does evil exist? For the same reason the woman exist, to help. Evil helps good, evil actually serves good, but when we participate in evil we become enslaved by it and it destroys us. If Adam was willing to go against “Eve” God would have went against “Evil”, but God allows evil to have power of the earth because of Adam. God had to separate himself from Adam but will be joined unto him again.

Another interpretation is: The garden is “God’s Den”/ (the mind) the fruits are the thoughts of God, God forbid Adam from having certain thoughts.

Truly the “garden”/”God’s Den” is wherever God dwells. It crazy to think God ever walked this earth among us and Jesus also. One thing the bible noted that God did just like man is walked. It also notes God spoke but from where did he speak? But God walking is far more significant for me because it located God, it said that God was in the mist of the garden, walking.

Walking symbolize where the soul (sole) has been. God’s soul was in the mist of the Garden. When we walk with God, that means where we are, God is and that our steps are timed, synchronized, placed and appointed by God and where he is going, we are going also. And if we are with him shouldn’t we be able to get access to the places he goes that we couldn’t get to alone. Think about the places you’ve been in life and think about if you could have gotten there without God. God must have been with us.

We will get where God intent for us to go, according to his will.

God was with the children of Israel throughout the entire journey of them existing. He who delivered them was also going to provide for them and protect them.

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