June 29, 2021

At the core of business is to fulfill a need.

You have a need, I have a need.

How can we create a financial incentive to accommodate that need?

Resources are limited

Time is limited

But the need is immeasurable.

How can I utilize my resources, wisely?

How can I utilize my time, wisely?

Passion without a point is foolish. Be passionate with a point/purpose. Life requires work, Life implies work. How can we devote ourselves to something that will develop us? How can we nourish the dirt that helps us grow?

People will know what your missing but miss the point to tell you what your missing. That’s not love. Without awareness, there’s no love. An aspect of a healthy relationship is to give the other person awareness. Awareness builds understanding and through an understanding, love is preserved. When an understand is loss, the love is broken. People will say “we fell out of love” when in reality they lost an understanding. Without an understanding, there is no love.

Without God, there is no regard. What is there to regard without God? What is the point of regarding life or death without God?… Regarding pain or pleasure without God… With God we regard the poor and the rich, harsh and the kind, the truth and the lie, the big and the small. Better it is to regard that which is good of God instead of that which is evil of God, Truly that which is evil of God is not of God at all, God desire for us to not know that which we don’t understand, those who are dead know evil for evil is the begetter of death, good gives life and restores life unto life, those who have not been alive desires not to life for they have not known life, but those who have truly died desires life for they’ve known it and they know life is better than death but the dead desires nothing, those who are truly alive desire and seek it from the Lord, who is the giver of life. For if we know evil, how can we know God/good? What good from evil, who can tell the difference, the body can tell what’s pain from pleasure but man can’t tell what it’s good from evil? The balance isn’t to know evil and good, but to know nothing and know good… For evil serves good and nothingness serves all things. Better it is to be nothing than to be evil, to be quiet instead of being a liar, to be still instead of doing evil… Better it is to be nothing. Nothing at all. Be nothing is to Be God, for all things come from this perfect nothingness.

Will a man ever choose death over life? to be empty instead of full? To have nothing over having something? Better it is to be asleep than to be awaken to evil for those who are awaken to evil will be put to sleep. To never know darkness, to know light perpetually. For nothing exist without the light, nothing can be created without the light, nor can be destroyed or erased without the light. All things are done in the light, for nothing can be done without the light. Better it is to starve than to be nourished by a lie, for at least if you starve and wait for the truth, you can be made full by truth, but those whom have been nourished by the lie cannot be made full of truth, for the belly is full of lies. When they chose to feast upon the lie, they lost their hunger for truth. When you feast upon the truth you lose your appetite for the lies, you’ll realize the lie didn’t nourish you at all but feasted upon you, instead of you upon it. The lie needs you to exist, but the truth can stand alone. For nothing can nourishes you like the truth, for the lie requires another lie to keep you filled, but I can feast upon the truth continually without requiring a new or different truth. This one truth has been feeding one for 40 years and another for 40 days. Ye there is one who has not known a lie, but is self-existing in truth and truth alone. The truth requires nothing but for us to hunger for it and when we do, we shall be fed.

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