Tanakh – June 28, 2021

“And he said to them, “These are the words that I spoke with you when I was with you, that everything that is written about me in The Law of Moses and in The Prophets and in The Psalms must be fulfilled.” – Luke 24:44

The Tanakh consist of 3 things Jesus mentioned in Luke:

  1. Law of Moses  
  2. the Prophets
  3. the Psalms

Which Christ said that all speaks of him, Lets see if we can find Christ in all three of these categories.

First is the Law of Moses, Christ who perfectly fulfill the law had made is possible for us to walk in righteousness. The law is like footprints that we all are supposed to walk in, Christ is the one who created those footprints and we are a meant to follow in those footprints. Christ is the one who perfectly followed the law and we are called to follow him.

 The law (torah) is composed of 4 books from Genesis to Deuteronomy

If you look at the life of Moses, he was able to have personal relationship with God that was unparalleled  to any other character in the bible until Christ. Moses was said to meet face to face with God. “

The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” – Exodus 33:11

That friendship Moses had with God will be test through their time in the wilderness. Moses going as far to even correcting God on his decision to replace the children of Israel and start a new nation. This friendship end with Moses dying in the wilderness but never making it to the promised land, The same promised land that the generation Moses brought out the wilderness never was able to see.

Christ was symbolism throughout the Torah, through being the snake in the wilderness and the animal sacrifices that occurred due to the sins of the Israelites.

The beauty for us all is to read the scriptures and observe how it reflects and we can identify Christ in the text. Before Christ was revealed in the new Testament, He was concealed in the Old testament. The whole book is about Christ, its all about him.

The breakdown is that initially man had a perfect communion with God and that was broken when man sinned, thru disobedience and without anyway to correct the mistake, starting with Adam generations had perished. When Moses arrived God alright flooded the world but the sin beginning with Adam still existed after the flood because even though God externally cleanse the earth of evil, there was internal cleansing that need to happen. The law was the initial step for us to walk with God and have a holy communion with him as we once had. First God have to remove the people of Israel from those who enslaved them, Just like God has to sperate us from our sins, because we are enslaved to it. God used miracles and wonder to compel Pharaoh to release the people of Israel but it only could be done through sacrifice. At this point Christ was symbolize by being the one who was sacrifice so that we can be freed from our sins, just like through the sacrifice of Pharaoh’s first born, it was sufficient enough to release the children of Israel.

Pharaoh symbolized God and how God would not release us from the punishment of our sins unless there was a sacrifice. Pharaoh had to lose his son and God the Father did also. This is God at war with himself. It is as if God ask himself, what could make me forgive them for their sins? The answer is the penalty had to be paid through death.  Christ blood also was symbolized by the blood being placed on the lamp post and the spirit of death Passover the household that has the blood. 

The wilderness reflect us going through our lives without being a slave to our sins. Just like the people of Israel says “it was better in Egypt”, at times it feels as though we are better in our sins than to live our lives without sin. Also Christ is symbolize being the manna from heaven to feed the people of Israel in their time in the wilderness. This is very significant because just as we have desire for sin, when we hunger and thirst for righteousness we have hunger for Christ. This is how we are able to live a life without sin when we our desires for God exceed our desire for this world/sin.

God heard the grumbling against him, this shows how God hears us when we complain and nag about issues and how difficult it is to live righteously, or even how difficult life can be. The manna from heaven came down from our dissatisfaction with this world, that we may find satisfaction in Christ, he who satisfy the hungry and lowly in spirit. God truly hears the cry of his people, he knows what we need before we even as for it and how much we need.

Truly without Christ we will die, there is no life outside of him, we can live a slaves to our flesh or be set free by Christ living by the spirit of God that guides us and develops us into Christ. Christ compels.

In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions.

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