June 25, 2021

Define your boundaries, define your outcome and define your own version of success. You are the master of your destiny, the vessel for all that you desire to be manifested.

The oneness of thought, mind and body is God. God is one. The body is one. The Father is one and the son is one with the father. The father and the son are one in spirit, God is spirit and that spirit is the holy spirit. The holy spirit is a witness and was there in the beginning of all creation, The father who gave us the holy spirit so we can be one in spirit as Christ is with him. He who is the author of our faith, the Lord of our salvation, Christ, who reign supreme in our hearts. He that restores all things are one and that which is restored is one. He is the one who suffers all things, yet suffers not, like looking into trouble waters, it’s only the image that’s broken but he himself remain unchanged. For the suffering of this world leads to death but his suffering leads to life. His suffering is our salvation and by his stripes we are heal. When the righteous become broken, the broken can become righteous. Christ who is the commander and chief, who lead us out of wilderness out of our carnality from the the enslavement of our flesh to the freedom by the spirit. Whose masters were our belly, when we was hungry our oppressor fed us death things, when we lack safety, those whom defeated us, defended us because we was value as property not as people. Now that we are sons and daughters of God we hunger for his word, desire to fulfill his will and he is our place of refugee. The boundaries of our faith is limited by our understanding, the word says “lean not on your own understand”. My faith gives me wings and I soar through all adversity, paths my feet have not cross, passing boundaries my understanding could not climb. Defeating enemies by my own strength, I could not have prevailed against, ye, but by the word of the Lord my enemies tremble, by the power of the Lord, we claim victory.

When I was weary, he comforted me.

When I lack understanding, he ministered unto me.

Ye, no greater friend I have with the Lord.

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