June 23, 2021

I rebuilt my tent and I am happy about the repairs, I like the remodeled version better. I still have more work to do. I have been avoiding contacting my dad, father’s day just past and I didn’t speak with him. He called me late at midnight I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to talk much, I hope he understands.

Moving forward in life I working towards better my relationship with God, Walking in the righteous instruction of the Lord. I value God over all things, It’s my pleasure to do the will of the Lord. My God reigns over all, no need to fear, we know the one we serve, we know the one who has deliver us. Christ is at the right hand of the father. He who is the author and the finisher of our faith. All things are made complete in him and all things have its beginning in him.

We have obtained Grace thru Faith, by Faith we obtain favor, His grace is his Favor. By Grace we obtain Righteousness. Grace doesn’t remove sin but gives us the space to separate ourselves from it. Grace is the power of the Lord made perfect, Our weakness is the strength of his Grace. His Grace is the transparency of his favor, in his favor we are made whole. God favors the weak and humble, God favors the lowly, God favors a joyful giver, God favors those whom obey him, God favor those who love others as he loves them.

It’s in our obedience we reflect our love for God. Keep God in all your thoughts, Keep his words bounded up in your heart. Speak words of life against all thought that are evil. Encourage one another and in all things have gratitude. Keep the youth encourage and build them up on a solid foundation of God’s word, lead them not astray but keep them on the right path.

Reflect God’s love in your actions, let others know your devotion to God by how you serve others. Forgive as your have been forgiven. God is watching. Keep praying, Keep seeking, Keep Watching, Keep on. Love endures all things and wins in the end. One of things I think about is that I never regret loving someone. Also the only thing I could say I regret is not making mistakes but not making more mistakes. Not being afraid to fail but being willing to learn. God gave the sinner hope, how much more joy and hope in the Lord we have if we walk in righteousness?

Only the guilty lives in fear, We have been set free, we have no need to be ashamed we live by faith.

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