June 20, 2021

Live true to who you are, never doubt who you are to those whom you aren’t

Embrace the imagination, for what you imagine is what’s in you.

There’s nothing in you.

We are all empty vases

waiting to be filled.

A rock descended to the bottom of the jar filled with water

When the rock hit the bottom, it broke

When it became broken, the rock bled

and the blood infused with the water

And it became one

So that when the water is poured out

it is revealed as wine.

I judge not myself

for a one who is on trial can’t give the verdict

One who is imprisoned can’t set himself free

One must have an advocate outside himself

That advocate is the truth

The truth is Christ

The truth that condemn us

came to saved us

We judged the truth compared to the lies

As if the truth is in need our observance to be true

but truly we need to observe the truth in order to be true

The Sun only seem to descend and dye

but truly it never changes.

God made is so the story of Christ can be told

but the truth of Christ never changes.

I am learning that what I was told

was what others wanted me to know

But not what actually is.

This concept of myself was only a concept

The true me will never be accepted

I can continue to live a lie or live out my truth

If I live in my truth,

I must live separate from all those who are join unto the lie

The lie has claimed many

God have mercy on us

In our ignorance we seek death

not the giver of life, Christ

My God, I have been deceived

To believe death was more desirable than life

that the falsehood was better than the truth

that truth implies other

but the lie is only a duplicate, replica, a defected prototype…

of the truth.

The truth stands alone.

My truest self was revealed when I was alone

The truth is like a seed that has been buried

eventually the truth will come to light and breakthrough every lie.

The lie is so accessible that it has become acceptable

The love of life is gone

When the truth has no home here

There’s is no desire to give love

to be love, to be God

Nobody want to be Christ

when truth is unknown

the lie is grown and shown

they take no shame in telling lies

but are ashamed of telling the truth

We perceived a falsehood that has no barring on the truth

The shackles of lies are broken

I find my strength in the Lord

like Samson I shall tear down the temple of lies

I will restore my strength unto me

I will deliver my enemies a blow they can’t refuse.

We lie to survive, fearing death

When death have no power over us

our sufferings are like children

connected to us, but separate from us

It’s our attachment to this world that causes us to suffer

When your children return unto as mercenaries

what will you do?

For you have not love them nor do they know you.

Ye, I was known by one whom I knew not

but when I knew him, I knew him as myself

The divine was I and I was the divine

The brothel of my mind

was a heavenly prison

my divine mind

mindful of worldly things

no heavenly order

I bruised my heel

truth was revealed

when the snake broke the seal

my skin will heal

and the head of the snake will be crushed.

Without truth we have no life

Without the cross

this life is a lie

God devised a plan

that every man must carry their cross

That cross is their body

the soul is baring the weight of our sins

We must carry our cross to Calvary

because in our death we gain victory

in our descent we rise

in our weakness we are strenghten

in our darkness moments we find the light.

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