May 12, 2021

So things are happening. Recently, I sent Dee some money. I woke up in a fair good mood after taking a shower. I thought to myself as I was driving while working, “I should sent Dee some money” I thought about it a while ago when people had donated money to me from when I delivery food to a district church leader. I mentioned to him that I knew him from Facebook, I believe that surprised him and he texted me “Unbelievable!!” and that was that. He texted me as I was driving to drop his food of, send me your cashapp, so when I got to the address, I texted him my cash app. I checked my cashapp when I got home and I was like “dang he didn’t send me nothing” Low and behold, a couple days later I checked my second phone and I saw all these cashapp notifications, I was like “woah” turns out it was bunch of donate from church folk and them sending me encouraging messages. I thought to myself that I might buy Vee and Dee some rings, for their birthday. They sent me a total of $794, yup. I thought just sending them the whole thing for their birthday, why not?

That was a while ago, but recently texted Dee and asked her what’s her rent payment she said 943 or something like that, I was like (in my head) ” dang, that expensive” but I was like, “ight cool” (in my head) So I texted her back that I sent it and she thanked me. That was that. I thought later that day to pay my mom’s rent too, because you know I gotta do something special for my mom for mother’s day. I didn’t know what to do, but later that day I text my mom what’s her rent and she’s like 1k, tried to send the whole 1k and my bank was like “nah fam, fraud detected” So it limited me to sending $750 maxed, so eventually the bank cleared the payment and she called me that she got the money, and thanked me.

So recently this morning I woke up like a 5AM which usually don’t do and got my day started. I worked on filing my taxes, because my mom reminded me, I did and it was fairly ease, didn’t require alot of time and work, if you stick to the required information. I had to guesstimate sum stuff, but I kind of ran through and they notified me that they will let me know if it is accepted, so I was like cool no rush, as long as it’s completed that’s all that matter, not really think about how much I’m getting back.

Turns out later today, it was accepted and the total was $1,800 that was more than I though honestly. I don’t really know too much about this tax stuff. The crazy think about that is that, I spent that amount on Dee and my mom, whose nickname is also Dee. I sent dee 1k and my mom $750 so that $1,750 and I got all that back plus $50 from just filing my taxes. Man, God has a way to get things back too you thru some means.

This financial blessing is nothing compared to the revelation and the closeness to God I’ve been feeling for the last few days since messaging Dee and Vee, it’s been a wonder. I feel like God is blessing me for blessing them. I look at Dee and Vee like Leah and Rachal, the women who the womb the 12 tribes of Israel came from. The bible says God will bless those who bless Israel and me being a blessing to them, has truly been a blessing to me in ways I can’t repay.

Recently I check Facebook and I saw Dee and Vee took a vacation to Orlando, FL. I was like “wooooahhh XD, I sent that money for rent” but I could understand them need a vacation. I feel blessed to offer them to do things that wished they could do. It feels good to know that I could help them do that. I have to understand that they are young and what to have fun and live their lives to the fullest, I get it and understand, I can’t fault them for wanting to do that.

I hope they understand moving forward that I am not trying ask for or imply anything in return for my replenishment comes from God, I just want them to be grateful and understand that God compels righteousness. Also it can be seen that me sending them that money was foolish but I learned so much from doing that and thought to myself could have I learned what I learned without making that “mistake” which isn’t a mistake because the bible says that God takes the foolish things of the world to bring about wisdom. I realized after reflecting that they aren’t ready for no relationship and neither am I right now and I thing we should focus on bettering ourselves before getting into one. I just hope they are taking the right precautions, preserving themselves and preparing for the potential of us being together.

I said this so many times to myself that “I never felt God was so active and involved in any other relationship I ever been in than this one” I love Vee and Dee alot, I want to protect them and provide for them and anyway I can. I just know it takes alot of work before we can become fully acclimated to each other. I believe in Love, I believe in us and I know God will provide. Its hard to be faithful and fearful at the same time so I’ll choose to be faithful to God and trust fully in him. Christ is the Redeemer!

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