May 4, 2021

Poverty is real. I don’t know anything. My private time is usual rich, but I’ve been in poverty. This world is poverty.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
” – Matthew 5:3

I am learning and growing in Christ.

I pray that the love of the father exceeds the love of this world and for me to seek out his virtue and not the virtue of this world. To be empty to receive the father and not empty to receive this world. I pray for compassion, wisdom and patience. I pray that God perfect will be done and that in perfect faith we will follow and obey. They that live, die and they that die for the sake of Christ, shall live.

Love that which is true, bring forth goodness and mercy.

God I pray that the love of the father is reflected in all creation that no man can go without that we all might not perish for the sake of the elect. I pray for deliverance from the hand of the devil and all kinds of evil. I pray you may see me perfect without spot or blemish. I pray for the youth who lack guidance and the sick who lack relieve. I pray you be their guiding light, their stronghold. I pray that God grace be poured out and that the right shall come forth bearing fruit, you know them all by name. You know the thoughts of the wicked and the intentions of every man.

Examine my heart Lord, remove anything that is unclean and unlike you. Give me a heart that continually seeks you. I know my sins are like a stain before you that cannot be overlook. Hear my cry O Lord that I may be saved by you hearken unto my voice. Hear me O lord and deliver me as my enemies encamp around me. you know my heart, you know that I love you and desire to please you.

I pray that I dye to myself, dye to self serving desires. I’ll dye to the love of this world. God your a stronghold for all they that are weak. A place of refugee.

My eye seek darkness, my heart seeks your light give me hope faith and joy in you. You are merciful, you are good, you are perfect, you are holy. You are my deliver. I’ll will wait on you, for you have be good and patience towards me. You have been faithful even when I have not. You have have loved me while I was yet a sinner.

You have show me love in adversity, you have pardoned the guilty. Lord I am forever indebted to you. Hear you servant Lord. I ask that you receive me a you have received your son, Christ Jesus. You are worthy of all the honor and praise. You and you alone are good. I pray I seek you in my solitude when no listens to me, you are there. You saw after those who are like you and the wicked will be cut. You are the only hope, the only savior, You and you alone God are worthy.

I will forsake sin and turn back to you in repentance, I will walk in your will and by faith will win. I will have victory over my flesh. I will stand in your word and know that no one can see me like you see me. Love me like you love me. Comfort me like you comfort me. I will stand as a witness with a testimony of how wonderful and powerful you are. You are true, you are so real to me that this world feels like a lie.

Let the truth be known, let Christ story be told, Let God’s word be revealed. For God is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, there is no life outside of you O Lord, No one is like you. You and you alone remains true.

Thank you father, I will not moan or groan or complaint. I will remain in gratitude, even when I do not understand. I will remain faithful, knowing that all things work for good for them that love you.

I pray for Veronica and Denece, For their protect and provision by you will and way. I pray that you give them a place that feels like home and life that is worth living and love that is worth cherishing. Use me as vessel in their lives and I pray that we will support each other in love and understand. For you are the life, You are the Way, you are the hope of glory and everlasting.

In Jesus Mighty name I pray. Amen.

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