Church speech 4/11/21

There’s things that disturb me about the church.
People come one way and leave the same way.
The church today is more utilized by the devil than it is by God. Wickedness has ran rampant in the church, we have turned to self-righteousness instead of seeking out the righteousness of God. We come together to preform, walking away without anything practical we can apply unto our lives. We offer hope instead of healing. We come to judge one another and not to pray for another. Where is God in the Church?

When Christ came he offered healing and restoration doing the work of the Father, but like sheep we have gone astray. People has put more faith into man’s tradition than God’s truth. God isn’t please with the church because the church isn’t pleasing God. How can you please God without faith? How can the church be in faith if it’s being ran by fear? Fear it’s what keeps people in church, not faith. Fear of condemnation, fear of missing out on heaven, Fear of the judgement of others not the judgement of God. There’s no way love can prosper in all this fear. There’s no way you can grow spiritually in an environment that keeps you bounded by fear.

The church today has made a business out of brokenness and those in power has no true desire for you to truly be healed. So you have to heal alone, you came in this world alone and you’ll leave alone. For some, the church is just a pitstop, for them to truly have a relationship with God they have to be alone. So instead of being alone and building a relationship with God they rather find a church home, building a relationship with people in the church but lacking a relationship with the God whom these people serve. We come to dance, sing, shout and pour our hearts out to God. Yet people leave this place feeling empty. Spiritual malnourished. They return back to there old ways, their lives hasn’t changed. Where is God in the Church? Everyone who sawt healing from Christ was healed, Christ never offered hope as an alternative, he never sawt after religion to replace God. We have more reverence for the things of God than for God himself.

The church has become like the hospitals, full of sick people but so few are the doctors. So few who are willing to do the Lord’s work. The hospitals don’t make room for dead people, yet the church has made room for so many that are spiritually dead. Their relationship with God is non-existent, yet they fill up the pews. Their prayers are empty and vain, and the thoughts of their heart are perpetually wicked. They are codependent on a relationship with their pastor instead of seeking a personal relationship with God. They are those who sit in the church and God will say to them “I never knew you” They claimed God in their public life but never truly seek him in their private life. They have more faith in tradition than they do in truth. They took the things of God and perverted them and turned them in to the things of man. As christ said “They clean the outside of the cup having the outer appearance of being clean, leaving the inside of themselves filthy.”

How long will you take God’s love, mercy and grace for granted? How long will you deny the truth? How much longer will you embrace that which is evil and reject that which is good? How much longer? Christ did all that he could do so that we can be saved, so that we can repent and returned back to him. Unfortunately, there are those who simply don’t want to be saved. The reality is there are those who will use God’s grace and freewill to sin more, making a mockery of his sacrifice. The reality is, is that Christ has done all that he can, he’s poured out his grace, he poured out his mercy and still they don’t turn away from their sins.

It pains me to see how people love evil more than they love good and they love wickedness more than they love righteousness. They love chaos and destruction more than they love peace. And in the end, it’s there own destruction they will have to face. The judgement they cast upon other will be cast back upon them. They are not ashamed, they are proud of their wickedness they boast about it. Truly, Their hearts are far from him.

Being healed and whole requires responsibility, when Christ healed people he sent them off with a duty/responsibility, he said “Go and sin no more” when God heals us we have a responsibly, lest he heals us in vain. We live in a time where God will delivers us from something we return back to the very same things he delivered us from.

See when you are in darkness your sins are accounted to your ignorance, but they are those who are willfully ignorant and they are that way so that they can say “I didnt know!” When it’s time to be held accountable, but God has revealed himself to all things like the sun revealing itself to all things on the earth and Christ has endured all things like we have and has overcome it, leaving us without an excuse. Ignorance isn’t an excuse. For even the deaf, dumb, blind has sawt repentance and received mercy in the eyes of God. We have become so knowledge about when it comes to evil things but fools when it comes to righteousness.

Christ so loved the world that he suffered and endured many things unjustly. As testament to all men of how God redeeming power is greater than our sins and his love for us is greater than our love for sin. Christ died so that we may die to our sins.

We give up our lives for the world but the world didn’t give us life, God is the one gave us life so that we may live for him, acknowledging him in all our ways. Yet we try to reduce God, putting him in a box. People speaking for God as if God don’t a voice or has no interest in communicating with us. God is always communication things to us we just ignore him being distracted with the cares of this world.

Our true identity belongs to God and we do our evil deeds in darkness hiding our sins from the world believing we are safe. So what if you can hid your wickedness from the world, no one on this earth has a heaven or hell to put you in. all of our sins are open and revealed before God. Like a house with no roof. He is the only one who can truly save us or condemn us.

we all have been enslaved to the opinions of other people, we work for others, we dress for others, we laugh, dance and sing for us. Have you ever stop to think what am I doing for God? We sacrifice for others but what do we sacrifice for God? We live to please one another instead of pleasing God. The God who gave us life and gave us his life for us so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. The God who forgave us for our sins and gave us a gift we can never be worthy enough to recieve.

We’ve lost a regard for God who’s our first love and we seek out fulfillment thru vain things, the truth is that nobody can love you like God can. Theirs a place in our hearts only God can fill. People will disappoint you, disapprove of you, distain you, disregard you, disrespect you, falsely accuse you, disassociate themselves from you, dismiss you. Yet God remains faithful and loving. The church whom God has died for has become a harlot drunk off of the cares of this world and has forgotten the obligations it had with God it has become filled with so many wicked things making no room for God to dwell in them.

Just as they have made no room for God to dwell in their hearts, God will make no room for them in his. God truly wants to be the desires of our hearts and he will give us the desire of our heart, but we have put so many things before him. We loved the gifts of God but when God gave himself, we rejected him. Go back to your first love, seek the love of the Father and be joined unto him. Just as Christ was joined unto sin and became sin, if we join unto Christ we inherit the righteousness of Christ.

I encourage everyone to pay a regard for God in all your ways and acknowledge him first.

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