April 1, 2021

I tried really hard to see things thru with Veronica and as badly as I want it to be. It’s simply just not there. I would love to say that my hard work will pay off eventually. But the one true thing that is truly missing is that I don’t believe Veronica really loves me at all, she wants me from a vain place but she don’t really want me, she wants what I can offer her.

I can’t help but to feel as though I am being deceived by lust. Because I’ve seen time and time again where Veronica has not be favorable toward me in any true way, she’s rejected me. I believed I could compensate for her disinterest in truly getting to know, love and trust me, I find out I cannot.

Denece has been favorable towards me from the very beginning and I have acted indifferently or unfavorable towards her and It’s been unjust. All my dreams about Veronica has been lustful and there’s no love. The one dream I had about denece is that she stood by me in a weak and vulnerable time and she endure the imprisonment with me. I think in so many was it is easy for me to overlook Denece.

Denece is worthy of all the things I want to do with Veronica. She accept the shorter end of the stick in my different situations. It’s not fair to her, she deserve more appreciation and gratitude. At the end of the day. Denece truly loves me and I cannot deny that. I could be with the woman who loves me or a with at woman who’s love and loyalty is questionable at best.

Denece may have not thought I would come around to the idea of being with her, even though I have. It’s just that now, I’m more serious about it and contemplating it more and deeper. I can’t make veronica happy and still be myself. They’ll be things she’ll seek outside of me cause she don’t realize my true potential as a man.

Sometimes we over look the right one for the nice one. I did a zodiac compatibility chart for me and denece and it was the highest ranking of all the previous woman I liked. Those who love themselves associates themselves with those who love them. We will never be enough for the wrong person and we will always be just enough for the right person.

Denece have shown herself time and time again to be the right person. God has revealed that to me. We can reject it out of fear or accept it out of faith.

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