March 18, 2021

I speak alot about overcoming poverty.

Poverty which meaning takes form on so many different levels.

I think in a lot ways we lose sight of why its it worth it.

It’s not worth it because of how much we can profit from a situation.

It’s worth it because of how much others can benefit from it.

In our relationship with God we can think heavily about how we can benefit from it

in our relationship with others we have to be mindful of how others can benefit from us.

It’s our best chance of being able to benefit from others through servitude.

we benefit the most from God in out solitude.


As for the P.O.I energy, I’ve been thinking alot about veronica and denece.

Its unfair how much time I give thinking about them

I can see myself in them

I rest knowing that I tried to teach them as much as I could through love.

They’re youngins 18/19 and see them grow up is challenge cause

because I see their growth as God’s grace and God allowed them to grow, evolve and gain new perceptions.

I’m not really a huge fan of being all sentimental but I really do got love for them and care about their well-being

Even if I don’t show it, they got to understand that that stoic energy is me.

That’s just how I am when I am perfect and being my truest self.

The still, quiet observer.

I think about how awesome it is that I know them

but at the same time I think about how there’s a lot of work to be done.

I couldn’t look at them and see any/everybody else.

I remember at the black history program at my dad’s house that when I saw them

I kinda missed them, it was good for me feel that conformation internally that I still cared about them

I think in so many ways, when they saw me, I believe it felt mutual.

I have so much I wanna teach them.

Showing them the way.

Teaching them that their is something better out there.

I know my work is not in vain.

I’m not better than anybody

I strive to be better than myself

and that I can be and do more.

As I reveal more to others,

More is revealed to me

through and by God

I can’t be everybody’s friend.

Everybody can learn something

I’m constantly teach

and apart of me wants Vee and Dee (veronica and denece)

to see me outside of family/church

I want them to see

that I’m really out here like this

and that this is who I am through and through

also I want them to see more sides to me

that I am flawed

I curse often

I get lazy

I am short tempered

I don’t have the best perspective

I am not always quiet

I am silly and goofy

I always try to figure how to make a joke out of everything

I am not shy or timid

I am very forward a direct

I can be leader

I am not depressed

nor sad

I am “lowly”

I just like to keep my energy low to protect my energy

and I don’t get drained

From talking and being around ppl

I love hard

I do care

I do wanna know what’s going on in their day

I do like to spend time with them

I am not always down

I am not always serious

I just take my work serious

My social life is work

being around people is work

try to exemplify Christ is work

I am confessing what I believe in social

not what I have perfect and completely am

It’s important for us to humanize on another

and realize that none of us should be judging one another

We should be practicing giving each other grace and mercy

to fail to fall and get it wrong knowing that we will recover

I don’t believe everything I do is justified

I don’t believe I’m perfect in the sense that every decision I make is the “right decision”

I miscalculate, misjudge, and misconstrued stuff all the time.

Just because I’m imperfect don’t mean you should toss me to the wolves.

I work hard to correct my mistakes.

I do things intentionally

to see how far peoples grace goes

I don’t hate anyone

I believe in right understanding the hatred goes away

When we try to understand one another the hate is replaced with love

the condemnation is replaced with compassion

I love those to ladies (Vee and dee) in a way that I desire to love everyone.

I haven’t perfected my love, but true love is flawless.

true love transcends thought, behavior and belief

it’s just a reality

and reality we all live in

I haven’t been able to escape this love

It’s silly to expect others to fill in the gaps

that you miss within yourself.

but it’s is fulfilling to fulfill your purpose in other people’s lives.

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