Dec. 22, 2020

Responsibility is reflected in how you respond using your abilities. Test who you are in the fire and you’ll realize that you require much less to be sustained. You are consciousness and everything else feeds off of that, you are the light of the world, a room goes dark when you’re not in it.

I have nothing, I am nothing, and I am ok with that, I don’t want to rise before do season. I don’t want to be something to a world who views God as nothing and cast his son asunder. I will reign when Christ reign and his power and authority rules over all.

It’s never just two people in relationship, it’s him , her and God. When people neglect that God is in the mist of their relationship, they are bound to fail. God could be moving one way and they could be moving the other all awhile believe their making progress in their relationship. Not only is God in your relationship but he is the most important person in it, because he makes Him and Her connect. The connection comes thru God. You are individual without him being factored in, and with him you all are one and unified.

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