If it applies to you let it be sown, if it don’t let it fly.

I’ve been thinking about how much it is important to carry our cross
and not letting our temporal weakness prevent us from becoming all
that God calls us to be.
Seeing how few are chosen and many are called.
When God picks someone he pulls them away from where there were and
brings them unto himself, where he is.

When we pray, we are told to go into our prayer closet where we are
alone and it is dark. That’s where God is, (In our darkest moments his
light becomes all the more apparent) God is right there at our lowest
point ready to catch us like a child trusting and jumping into the
hands of their father.
The Holy Spirit leads us into the closet guiding us by our faith and
comforts us to remind us that God is here, God is present and he loves
when our father is with us in these dark times and cleaving unto him
in our weakest moments, shouldn’t we be all the more confident?

I don’t want to be one of those people preaching to you, but I want to
encourage those who likewise are in their walk of faith as I am. I’ll
be lying if I said you being a young beautiful young lady had nothing
to do with why I’m willing to message you and share the word with you.
Truly, I always desire, like a gardener to water and nourish those
flowers I see growing. You are that flower.
Every gardener must learn patience, faithfulness and consistency. As
the flower grows (externally), so is the gardener (internally).

I’m learning.
I had so many reservations about being taught and learning something
from a woman but Sophia (wisdom) is the consort of Christ. Also
Christ’s companion is Mary Magdalene who had 7 demons and Christ
redeemed her.

If my words mean anything.
Peace, Love and Kindness.
,Let God grace and mercy be with you.

Christ EXPELLED the demons in her and INDWELL with her.
He redeems, renovates and restores us to his glory.
To know his voice
How can you hear the calm stillness of the sea?
in the height of the storm
the peace in you
speaks to the stillness of the sea.
and the one who listens
to the one who speaks all things into existence
and the sea listens and obeys
When the creator speaks
a crater opens
all the parts of your body that is hollow,
God has made it to be holy.
Your mouth is made hollow when it is open
Your heart is made hollow when it is open
open your mouth and your heart and God’s words will dwell in it.

From the heart
the mouth speak
From the mouth
the heart listens
and that which flows
from the heart
flows all throughout the world.

What is there to be lost?
when those who are already lost, are counted as lost
and those who the Father has won
Who can deliver them from him?
Christ said:
“all that the father has are mines” – John 16:15
“..they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them from my
hand.” – John 10:28

“If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar
(who deceives himself). For the one who does not love his brother,
whom he has seen (to see is to know), cannot love God, whom he has not
seen ( whom he does not know). 21 And this commandment we have from
Him: that the one who loves God should also love his brother.” – 1
John 4:20-21

God loves you, I love you.
May all be granted unto you according to God’s perfect will and plan.
Be the few that follow.
Listen to that quiet voice that judgeth not or is judged (because no perfectly knows

the father except the son).
Be followers of the few who are righteous.
The few who listens
The few who follows the one true God.
Who’s children know his name but don’t speak it.
Like a child who doesn’t call their father by his first name, out of respect
but calls him “Abba’ Father.
But dares not to call him his true name.
Let us humble ourselves before the king
so that we may seek his favor.
Let us remain faithful
For he is faithful.
Let us shout for joy.
For he is a mighty victor.
A soul saver.
A heart fixer
A mind regulator
A deliverer in a time of disparity
A stronghold for the weak
and salvation for the sinner.

Let’s reflect the light of God in us, Let the God
who created us both man and woman, let us have dominion over the earth
(which is our body) and all that be in it. Let the prayers of a few,
be heard by many, for many prey on a few.
In Jesus’ mighty name (Yeshua Hamashiach) The Lord and Savior.

What he has done for one, he will do for many, and what he has done
for many, he will do for one. Just one of us.

Let us be reminded of Christ in one another, through Christ Jesus.
Whom we believe in though we have not seen him, yet we see him in one
another and when we saw him as he is, we thought he was ourselves
(because we compose of the body of Christ). Let us be faithful in a
Few things for we serve a God who is faithful in many things, even
that which we didn’t even ask for but he knew we needed before we
asked for it. Let him use us to our fullest potential in him and not
deny him (which is to deny ourselves). Let us be used by him, for him,
with him and in him we live because he lives who put sin to death and
purified us making us righteous and holy by his will, in his name.

We are no longer under law, we are under GRACE.
By his Grace we are made whole and righteous.

The Law reveals to us our sins
His Grace release us of our sins

Let us not desire to not be back under bondage to sin as slaves, for
we have been set free by Christ.


Let He who has done a perfect work in us, continue to do so.
For soil that is made perfect to grow
can produce many weeds
but we must work daily
to remove the weeds from the garden of our mind.
pluck it out!
Do not allow it to take up space and take root in your mind.
It will deprive good thought of good nutrition it needs to be nourished.
So that it may bear fruit.
Let our minds be on him daily
and how we can please him
so that when he sees us
he’ll know us by our fruits.
Let our hearts be nourished by his words
All those who harken unto him
Watch and Pray
Let not the robbers come
and steal you of your Joy
steal you of your peace
don’t let them rob you of your sanctity.
They’ll use fear to make you follow
and doubt to make you deny God.

If we truly knew God, could we deny him?
Can God deny himself?
If we are creations of love, how then can we deny love, without deny ourselves?
or of peace to deny peace?
or of Joy to deny the joy of the Lord?
God has not denied himself any of these things, not one.
Those who are dead seek that which is dead.
That which is dead, is not of God
for it has been cut off
and once it has been cut off
It has been deemed abominable.
No fruit can bare on it
and it is to be cast into the fire.
God is not the God of the dead but of the living
and those who are dead
shall be made alive through Christ Jesus
Those who judge shall be judged
for the very same stones they cast
shall fall upon their own head.
When Christ said let those who has not sin cast the first stone
He asked them to first judge yourself and see if you deem yourself worthy
to execute God’s judgement.
None of them found themselves worthy
The one who forgave the adulterous woman.
was the one who had the power to not deliver her

but also redeem her
Who loved her more than she loved sin
and wanted her to live as he lived.
He is the one who made us
for himself
want no man to perish
but all to be joined unto him
Wish that we would live for him and dye to this world
Shall he let any of us go to waste?
For he who sent us into the water
will deliver us from it
He was going to save us anyway
That was the plan from the very beginning
because he knew God’s judgement is final.
“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” – Genesis 1:31

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