Talking at depression 3/20/20


– Don’t want to shower

– Don’t want to get out of bed and always wanted to sleep

-social distancing and lack of enthusiasm for the things you usually like.

I never considered myself a depressed person, I sort of normalize my unhappiness. I never lost hope that things will change.

I just notice as I get older I get sadder more often and easier. It’s like I haven’t been able to get a hold of things and I just feel I’m force to accept less even if that makes me unhappy.

One quote from the bible: “to the pure all things are pure, to the (wicked) nothing is pure.”

That saying brought to my attention that good, pure and quality people can always see the best in you no matter how challenging you may be. However to those who are impure and defiled nothing can be pure because of them being unclean. It’s like a stench and those who stink nothing will smell clean because their not clean.

It’s important to know that is the stain that’s unclean not you. You have to know your separate from the problem and if you don’t then you sink with the ship of mistakes and failures without realizing all of who you are.

“You haven’t been yourself lately”

Do I know who I am?

Have I fully realized all of who I am?

Have I lost my desire to learn and grow do I feel stagnant in life and how to I over come it.

Self note- write a book full of questions and let the reader answer them. (possible title) “The truth/answer is Inside you“

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