March 16, 2020

Some people feel as though you can’t be happy and poor because they have such a codependency on material things.

I believe the pathway to true wealth is through poverty.

Adaptability > Predictability

My philosophy is that one who gains knowledge to predict the future is inferior to the one who knows nothing but adapts to all things.

One of the main essential to survival is to adapt. One the things I constantly tell myself when faced with adversity is: you go through it to get through it. Life is like a tunnel an the objective is to get to the otherside of it. Not to dwell on failures and fall into the pit of self-criticism or basket in our success but to carry-on till the end.

Wherever that end may be but we must persevere till the end. For all that falls before the end is lost and those who endure till the in is won.

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